Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wednesday the 15th and Thursday 16th of February.

Wednesday, was a poor day, felt cold for most af the day. Fatigued also. I had to walk a considerable distance around the wards I needed to be treated in. I can manage 5 meters but anything after that I need to be in better health than I was yesterday. If anyone from the DWP wants to asses me they are welcome.

I got home after 4 hours. anti biotic and then to a ward to get my drain cleared. I slept for almost the whole day and right through the night. This has helped a bit.

Thursday, In no small way Norma sorted with her line manager that she could use some of her holiday time to accompany me to hospital and drive me to and from. I was OK I noticed until I started getting my anti biotic that I was fine but as it was given I went a bit downhill, getting cold and tired again. Thank you all at Esure, fine company, full of excellent people.

I had an earlier appointment on a ward so that my District Nurses, could be shown the drain procedure. So as of tomorrow, I will have my anti biotic given in outpatients then home for 3-00pm for the District Nurse.I should in the space between hospital and nurse visit get a siesta, hopefully this will help.

DON''T READ THIS MAY TURN YOUR STOMACH! Being drained out of my buttock is a smelly solution not too nice. We were getting between on average 7 ml a day, some days nothing. Yesterday I stood up rather than lay on a freshly made bed. Yesterday we got 54ml today 31 ml, a lot. Lets hope it dries up soon and I get back on the chemotherapy.

Holly our pet dog, yesterday. Holly stays in our back when we go out. Yesterday she was not in there when I returned from hospital, I have no idea whatsoever where she was but as I was near collapse, could not do anything. Holly was in the back by around 4-00pm. Still no idea, what happened.

Traa dy liooar.

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