Saturday, 9 June 2012

The last 3 weeks

Ah well here we go I don't find writing this an easy thing to do for some reason, but, Adrian has asked me to update his Blog to cover the last 3 weeks.
To say it has been a roller coaster ride would be putting it mildly ! In his first week home he was so well I began to wonder why everyone was being so insistent that he had to be home as soon as possible. I asked the Macmillan nurse if she thought I was in denial and refusing to accept how ill Adrian really was, but she assured me that this happens sometimes. The patient is so pleased to get home and comfortable they  come round and improve greatly ! So we started to get into a routine. Then weeks 2/3 and Adrian started to go downhill, I thought this could have been tiredness due to us having had visitors for the first two weekends he was home, I have to add here that we were more than delighted to have the visitors. But with hindsight we now know it was his abcess building up again and his body working so hard to cope with it. In the meantime Adrian got to the point where he wouldn't speak to the District nurse when she call and we ended up having a conversation in the street as she wanted to be sure I was ok but didn't want to upset Adrian by being in the house !!!. This silence and sleeping went on for days until we realised about the abcess and contacted our GP for anti-biotics. On Wednesday I told Adrian that I thought he had given up This was hard to do but I felt needed saying. I was feeling so alone and very unsure of what to do if he became worse during the night as there are approximately 4/5 hours between the district nurses night shift ending and day shift starting ( I have been told to ring our GP and be put through to the locum service.) this train of thought I think demonstrates how ill he was ! Something worked because come Thursday he was the best
I've seen him for ages ! When the District nurse came to day (Friday) she was delighted to see how much he had improved, she was disappointed to find out that our GP hadn't made a home visit to us and is going to arrange this for next week.

We are expecting visitors from the Isle of Man again next week, so looking forward to that.