Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Monday the 13 Tuesday the 14th of February 2012.

Have to get this in first. I enjoyed Whitechapel, the series on  ITV. One of my favourite dramas. 
Link to Whitechapel TV Drama.

10-00pm on Monday early to bed.

8-00am on Tuesday, woke up naturally, best nights sleep in a long time, stoma bag had held. No one waking you up for observations, blood test's, drugs and breakfast.ect. LOL.

today at 9-00am, Norma drove me up to North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH). We needed to find the ward that I was to have my anti-biotic administered. Arrived for around 9-30am. Nice staff and part of the new building so very pleasing.

Bit of a hunt for the anti-biotic but all sorted and going forward all will be in place, I have been assured. Basically the drugs should follow your medical records as moved from ward to ward.

Tomorrow, I can go between the hours of 11-00am and 12-00pm a bit of flexible time for the appointment. All should go smoothly.

After Norma dropped me off, she went to work. So for the first time in a long time, I was left to my own devices. No problem getting a taxi home. Cresta Cars ( taxi service) have a free phone in the main reception. Do not know if it was by chance but as I got outside the taxi was waiting for me, less than a minute. Now that is what I call service.Link to Crest Cars.

Home in minutes, looked through the window to let Holly (our pet dog) know I was home, to see the living room devastated. Holly had torn my slippers to shred's, Torn and scattered a full kitchen roll, chewed open a Tupperware box holding my stoma bags and things, scattering the contents, not even chewing them. As a reward, I told her to get in her kennel, outside, weather was dry and warmer than off late, so not cruel. she has sat looking out the kennel, with a very sorry look to her face, as well she may do. Going forward she will go outside when we go out, with an anti bark device, so as not to disturb the neighbours. Holly had really only been allowed to stay in when we are out of late due to the weather conditions.

This afternoon, after eating a nice plate of Pasta with the sauce that I had made last night and a couple of pints of Vimto link to Vimto I had a nice siesta, lasted about two hours. Undisturbed sleep, heaven.

Supper tonight. Norma is making home made chips, with battered cod and mushy peas, some bread for fish and chip butties. Yum Yum. I will wash it down with a time of rice pudding, please. LOL and a few slurps of Vimto or similar.

Nothing on TV so listening to some classical music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovski (1840-1893) then a bit of Alexander Borodin (1833-1887). Ouverture solennelle - 1812 op. 49 first though. LOL. Banging it out, let them hear cannons, I say.

I suppose it will be ITV3 later for Poirot and bed. Must get sleep ready for hospital tomorrow.link to Poirot.

Traa dy liooar.

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Simon Scott said...

Detailed account of your day. You sound upbeat and that's great. I am living in Glen Mona now and just took delivery of 16 chickens and cocks today so we hopefully have some eggs soon. I hope you get back to the rock soon and drop in so I can show you around. Welcome anytime nutter. Keep fighting. x Simon Scott, Glen Mona House, Glen Mona IM&1HF 07624 435779. ends