Thursday, 23 February 2012

Waiting on important news and make people aware of the symptoms of cancer.

My surgical Consultant has been around with his crew. After viewing the results of the CT Scan taken a few days ago, he has asked for more in-depth information, in regards to the results, He is not sure that what he can see is the infection on my lungs/liver or if the tumours have enlarged and spread. 

He does not want to do unnecessary tests that may hold any dangers. The consultant is not being negative but I feel he knows he has some work ahead.He is waiting on replies from the microbiologist and x-ray departments.

I am working on the idea that the tumours are winning at the moment and will continue to do so until the day comes when all virus are cleared and I can get on the chemo.

My job at this time is to eat well, drink plenty, stay positive, be as cheerful and helpful, as is humanly possible.

I am going to try to help 'The Christie' and 'MacMillan's' in an awareness campaign. Follow this link for more in-depth information. Christie project link. 

"The project will seek out willing volunteers who can engage with their local communities and help spread key simple messages about cancer and the importance of visiting their GP if they notice a change to their body." 

I am looking forward to this project, it gives me a goal.

My Sister and Brother in Law have been over along with Family, doing a little business. Couple of visits to see me which was nice. I am expecting my Son Richard over in a few weeks, when Norma retires as we have a few jobs around the house that need his attention. He is an excellent plasterer. Always looking for work, so if you need him to give you a quote, contact me.

Traa dy liooar

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