Friday, 24 February 2012

Superstar in my own mind. LOL........

Hello all. Lay here in my hospital bed getting pumped full of Domestos to clean up the virus's in my system. Just taking things as they come but my spirits are high.

I have volunteered to promote awareness of cancer at an early stage, the project is being run by 'The Christie' and 'MacMillan's'. If I can help save one unknown person become aware that they have cancer and they get the treatment to cure them, my life will be complete and I will die a very HAPPY man. Please follow the link and perhaps volunteer yourself. Do something in your work place. Christie, information, click here.

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Communications Officer of The Christie.

This morning, have just come off the phone, having been interviewed by a reporter from the Manchester Evening News (MEN). They are sending out a photographer from the MEN to take my picture tomorrow

From now on you must treat me like a Superstar. LOL.

Glad to see Manchester Teams are still in Europe.

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Traa dy liooar.

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