Saturday, 11 February 2012

Movement on the horizon....

Sunday the 12th February 2012 (am). This morning, Norma and I had some positive news. It appears that as of Tuesday, I will be treated as an out-patient, receiving my anti-biotic via my treatment by other wards that look after patients like myself. This means, which I am happy about. 1. I get to go home. 2. It free's up a much needed hospital bed.

There are a few bits and pieces that need sorting, transport, discharge ect but these are minor issues and will be ironed out.

So, finally things seem to be falling into place.It has been frustrating and time consuming, a bit too much red tape, which I know is as frustrating for staff and patients alike. Special thanks to the Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, Auxiliaries, Consultants, MacMillan's and more who have and are looking after my interest's.

Please, spare a moment, to remember the Gentlemen on the ward, who's journey ended and to those left behind.

Can I ask you to spare a few minutes to read/view this item from the BBC/Christie hospital.;

Male cancer funding gap in north west England, click here.

Visit the Christie Hospital site by clicking here.

Traa dy liooar.

Saturday the 11th February 2012 (pm); Came back into hospital tonight after a day at home, eating, good food, watching United on TV, to find no longer in the isolation ward. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! The patient that is in the isolation room is in a poor state and as previously mentioned yesterday saw a good man die in there. I was put in isolation so as not to infect/be infected by other patients.

Due to the infection, I cannot have chemotherapy so my cancer is now going unchecked. So the sooner  infection clears up and I get back on the chemo, the better.

Norma is of the mind that all will be sorted by Monday and she was proved to be right. I reckon that as I have been here since Thursday the 14th of January and on anti-biotics a short time later. A worrying time but I am staying positive. I hate when I get negative but with my FaceBook and Twitter Friends to keep me going, I am lucky to have them and other Friends and Family.

Traa dy liooar.

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