Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Crazy week, red tape, delays........

Friday the 10th of February 2012.

Hmm, today. Well here goes. I was awake around 7-00am thinking I might get my anti-biotic's, as it was mentioned the night before that I would but no it did not happen, which was to me not a problem. Reason being as I had not received my earlier dose until late afternoon yesterday. I think though leaving the ward with Norma at 8-00am may have unset plans a little. I have had my anti-biotics today around 7-30pm. All appears well. Talking to nurses later today, say no problem.

Norma, will be picking me up tomorrow morning, to have a day at home, Holly will be pleased. Watch the United vs Liverpool game, which promises to be good.

While I was away, it freed the side room of the ward up and allowed the Family and Gentleman, that I was getting upset about a couple of nights ago, to be moved in here for a few hours, the gent passed away, surrounded by his Family and in a room more befitting.

No news on my leaving hospital except on day release. To me it is all red tape and a waste of a hospital bed. I am a lot better off than most and looking around the ward, there are a quite a few sick people.

Traa dy liooar, Yessir.

Update; Thursday the 9th of February 2012. 

  • Had my first treatment of  Ertapenem. Had not realised that it was given over a 30 minute period appropriately and by IV (drip).
  • It is given once a day. This is enabling me to go home, tomorrow. Spend some time away from hospital. Keep Holly (our pet dog) company, be relaxed in the comfort of our home. Duvet day feeling coming on.
  • Norma will be picking me up at 08-30am, then she will go into work. I am mobile and very able to fend for myself at home.
  • Looking forward to a good weekend, Norma, Holly and I. I fancy Saturday, Manx beef steak, fried egg, onion rings. Sunday perhaps some Manx kippers.
  • Hmm, I wonder if a nice  Vermicelli from the local Chinese for tea on Friday.
Traa dy liooar

Thursday the 9th of  February  2012. 

I start the new anti-biotic, later today. The pharmacy have 7 days supply in stock, I believe.

It looks like that I will be visiting a day ward (J3 or J5) Monday to Friday and that they will train Norma up to give me the anti-biotics. I have suggested that Norma observes how it is done until she feels confident and we go from there.

There is still some paper work to be done and approved. Fingers crossed, that it all goes through.

My personal expectations;

  • I will be put on the  Ertapenem  sometime today. Just spoke to nurse and this looks like being later as part of my time regime. Will know more later, when ward manager starts duty. Hopefully they will remain open until 7 or 8 o'clock, in the evening, Norma's work are excellent very accommodating but if we can avoid causing problems, it would be for the good.
  • As my Hickman Line will be in daily use, there is no requirement for Norma to do a weekly line clear.
  • My stay in Hospital will continue until Monday, being allowed out at any time between now and then, providing I am available on the ward for my anti-biotic, I will also sleep on the ward, Sunday night being my last night. All subject to change of cause.
  • I will need my house keys and taxi fare to get me home, just in case I get thrown out, while Norma is at work. LOL.
  • Cannula to be taken out of my arm. OH! to be needle free and all the bruising to go.
  • On the  Ertapenem for around 5 weeks or until the virus has cleared up.
  • Short time after the virus has cleared up, back on the chemotherapy and fighting those cancer tumours.
Traa dy liooar.

Tuesday the 7th of  February  2012. As below, the day started, with the doctors round. Breakfast taken and into the usual routine of washing, bed changing, reading, listening to Ken Bruce on radio 2. Pills taken at regular intervals/ Anti-biotics administered at 7-00am, 6-00pm and 11-00pm. Lady Dr. asked if we had made any progress with getting a nurse through MacMillan's to administer the, if funding available, anti-biotics. Showed the Dr. the mail indicating that MacMillan's have applied for the funding and are waiting a response, just like they themselves are. It has been a week now of tooing and frowing. If time was money. RED TAPE!

Tonight in conversation, i found out that I was not the first, to be kept on a ward taking up a bed, when I could be treated at home or treated as an outpatient, getting anti-biotics administered by NHS nurses. The only difference with me is that Norma has approached MacMillan's for there help and advice. Even if not successful THANK YOU MACMILLAN'S for trying also the main man in palliative care.

Outside of having my Norma here at visiting not much else happened in my life. I am reading Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, which to my surprise is quite good.  Listening to Classic FM. Fuelling both Twitter and FaceBook.

hope you like my new method of up-dating my Blog at the end of each day.

Traa dy liooar.

On Monday the 30th of January. We started investigating my going home. Micro biologist advice being sought as to best anti-biotic to use.

1st February, Find out that there is a better anti-biotic but the District Nurses cannot administer it as they are not trained.  Norma who it is her first day of doing reduced hours starts calling contacts in MacMillan's and at the Christie, to see what can be done.

2nd February. Surgical team here in North Manchester will try to contact cancer crew, for advice on weather Hickman Line can be used to administer anti-biotic. I am getting anti-biotics, 3 times a day but the one they are looking to put me on is a once a day treatment.

3rd February. I requested to see a MacMillan nurse. She is to investigate getting me support in the community, perhaps a bought in agency nurse. I have offered to all parties, that I can come into hospital every day, at an agreed time to get the anti-biotic. This too is being investigated.

4th & 5th February, Saturday and Sunday. Home for some time, just quick visits, nice to be home to see the dog and have some home comforts. Nice to be out of the isolation room and into a less clinical environment. Snowed heavy on the Saturday so returned to hospital early, so as not to avoid required medication. Good fry up on the Sunday.

Monday the 6th of February, Email sent to my nearest and dearest.

Morning Dr's. round.

Mr XXXXXXXX. (Oncologist, Christie's) has given permission for my Hickman line to be used to administer drugs.Hickman line explained click here; 

XXXX, my surgical registrar explained that funding will be sought to put me onto Ertapenem click here for explanation. this is expensive and will be applied for by Mr XXXXXXX, my surgical consultant. Today. The Ertapenem is administered once a day and investigations are ongoing as to who is best placed to give me this fusion. MacMillan's are due back after investigating if a bought in (agency) nurse can call at home to give the drug. Alternative is to visit hospital daily to have the drug administered.

After some weeks on the Ertapenem and the virus drying up. I will then be able to resume my chemotherapy treatment. Cetuximab click here for explanation.

No time-scales have been given, I would expect Wednesday at the earliest for the response for the funding of the Ertapenem and around the same for support nurses, including District nurses to be pet into place.

District nurses will be required, to tend to dressings, drains ect.

Tuesday 7th February. Just after Doctors round. Reminder to me, I should up-date this Blog daily, it would be far easier. This morning surgical team gave progress report. Emails and forms are being exchanged and just waiting on clearance for the funding. Not absolutely clear who will be administering the anti-biotic to me and where but MacMillan's are being contacted to see if any progress.

Great comeback by Manchester United, 3-0 down against Chelsea but pulled it back to 3-3, better than a loss. I have been looking at the comments and pictures of the new F1 cars for the season starting in March. They look interesting, not so slip streamed as of old. Wonder how the tyres and design's will effect lap times. Important thing is I hope it helps with driver safety.

Norma and I still looking at moving to Spain.  We are still planning to move to Cortes de la Frontera.   Link to film of Cortes de la Frontera. Please visit. 

Here is an itinery of our journey that I made for an imaginary date but it is our TARGET! You must have Targets & Positivity, when to travel the cancer journey. Many path's to travel, with twist's and turns as you Zig and Zag through the battle field. I WILL SURVIVE, OR DIE TRYING. LOL.

Home to Portsmouth; Distance: 241.2 miles. Time: 4 hr 24 min.


RoutePortsmouth to Santander
DepartureSun  11:00
ArrivalMon  12:00
VehicleCar with roofload 5.00m x 1.83m 
Passengers2 Adults
1 Pets
1 Small Kennel

1 x Inside large 2 berth/4 berth cabin with ensuite facilities
Price321.50 GBP

Santander to Salamanca  
 226 mi  I would guess about a 3/4 hour drive getting us in for 7-00pm ish, allowing for some stops.

The Ibis in Santander for 1 night on the 26th of March. £33-00.

Salamanca to Cortes de la Frontera;   373 mi   would think a comfortable 6/7 hours, allowing for stop's.
Traa dy liooar, Yessir.

Ahora, por mis amigos Españoles.

El lunes 30 de enero. Empezamos a investigar mi casa va. Consejos biólogo Micro se busca que a lo mejor antibiótico para su uso.01 de febrero, Saber que hay un mejor anti-bióticos, pero las enfermeras de distrito no puede administrar, ya que no están capacitados. Norma que es su primer día de hacer la reducción de horas se inicia contactos de llamadas en MacMillan y en el Christie, para ver qué se puede hacer.02 de febrero. Equipo quirúrgico aquí en North Manchester tratará de ponerse en contacto con la tripulación del cáncer, para el asesoramiento sobre el clima entrada del catéter se puede usar para administrar los anti-bióticos. Estoy recibiendo los antibióticos, 3 veces al día, pero la que ellos están buscando que me puso en un tratamiento una vez al día.03 de febrero. Yo pedí ver a una enfermera MacMillan. Ella es investigar hacer que me apoyo en la comunidad, tal vez una enfermera comprado en agencia. He ofrecido a todas las partes, que pueden entrar en el hospital todos los días, a la hora acordada para obtener el anti-bióticos. Esto también está siendo investigado.4 y 5 de febrero, sábado y domingo. Inicio desde hace algún tiempo, a visitas rápidas, agradable estar en casa para ver al perro y tiene algunas comodidades. Es bueno estar fuera de la sala de aislamiento y en un ambiente menos clínica. Nevado pesado en el sábado por lo que regresó al hospital temprano, a fin de no evitar la medicación requerida.Bueno a la fritura, el domingo.Lunes 06 de febrero, e-mail enviado a más cerca de mi seres queridos.Mañana es el doctor. todo el año.Sr. XXXXXXXX. (Oncólogo, Christie) ha dado permiso para que mi entrada del catéter que se utiliza para administrar la línea drugs.Hickman explicó haga clic aquí;XXXX, mi registrador quirúrgica explicó que se buscará financiación para ponerme a ertapenem, haga clic aquí para la explicación. esto es caro y será solicitado por el Sr. XXXXXXX, mi asesor quirúrgico. Hoy en día. El ertapenem se administra una vez al día y las investigaciones están en curso en cuanto a quién es el más indicado para darme esta fusión. MacMillan se deben volver después de investigar si la compró en la (agencia) puede llamar a una enfermera en casa para dar el medicamento.Alternativa es visitar el hospital todos los días para que el fármaco administrado.Después de algunas semanas en el ertapenem y el virus de la desecación. Entonces será capaz de continuar mi tratamiento de quimioterapia.Cetuximab, haga clic aquí para la explicación.Sin escalas de tiempo se han dado, espero que el miércoles a las primeras de la respuesta para la financiación de la ertapenem y alrededor de la misma para las enfermeras de apoyo, incluidas las enfermeras del distrito para ser mascota en su lugar.Las enfermeras de distrito será necesario, para atender a los apósitos, drenajes etc.Martes 07 de febrero. Justo después de la ronda médicos. Recordatorio para mí, poner al día este blog todos los días debe, sería mucho más fácil.Esta mañana el equipo quirúrgico dio informe sobre la marcha. Los correos electrónicos y formularios se están intercambiando y a la espera de autorización para la financiación. No es absolutamente claro quién será la administración del antibiótico a mí y dónde, pero MacMillan están siendo contactados para ver si algún progreso.Gran remontada del Manchester United, 3-0 ante el Chelsea, pero la retiró de 3-3, mejor que una pérdida. He estado mirando los comentarios y fotos de los nuevos coches de F1 para la temporada que comienza en marzo. Se ven interesantes, no tan escuchados caer como al principio. Me pregunto cómo los neumáticos y los de diseño afectará los tiempos de vuelta. Lo importante es que espero que ayude con la seguridad del conductor.Norma y yo seguía mirando a trasladarse a España.Todavía estamos planeando mudarse a Cortes de la Frontera. Enlace a la película de Cortes de la Frontera. Por favor, visite.He aquí un itinerario de nuestro viaje que hice para una fecha imaginaria, pero es nuestro objetivo!Usted debe tener objetivos y de positividad, al viajar por el paso por el cáncer. Camino de muchas personas para viajar, con un giro y se vuelve como Zig Zag y por el campo de batalla. I Will Survive, o morir intentándolo. LOL.Inicio a Portsmouth; Distancia: 241.2 km. Tiempo: 4 h 24 min.Barco;Portsmouth a SantanderSalida Dom 11:00Llegada lun 12:00Barco CAP FinisterreVehículos automóviles con 1,83 m x 5,00 m roofloadPasajeros 2 adultos1 MascotasUna pequeña perrera1 x dentro de la cabina de gran litera 2 literas / 4 con baño privadoPrecio 321,50 EURSantander a Salamanca 226 millas Yo diría que alrededor de una hora en coche 4.3 meternos en el 7-ish 24:00, teniendo en cuenta algunas de las paradas.El hotel Ibis en Santander por 1 noche el 26 de marzo. 33-00 libras.
Salamanca a Cortes de la Frontera, 373 millas pensaría un cómodo 6/7 horas, lo que permite la parada.

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