Monday, 13 February 2012

The Great Escape is complete.

Yes, finally escaped hospital and settled in at home.

I have to visit as an out-patient to have my anti-biotic given via IV
Intravenous Therapy, explained. Click here. Different wards depending on weekday or weekend.

Already, I have cleaned around the living room and kitchen, just a light wipe as Norma is on top of things. I wipe with antiseptic wipes just to keep the place sterilised as possible, cuts down on the chance of my picking up an infection.

Supper tonight. I have made a nice minced beef, with red wine, garlic, mixed herbs, curry powder ect  mix. The pasta will be cooked fresh later. Bit of garlic bread for mopping up. Proper home cooked food. Norma I know has been living off meals for one and carry out. For myself, hospital food and carry out. Now to have some proper grub again.

Couple of friends that I made in hospital, are on my mind a bit. DXX, is hoping to escape today  or by Wednesday at the latest. RXXX is in pain and his drain is giving him trouble, he has an appointment today back at North Manchester, I hope they can fix him up, without admitting him.

I have to make a dew calls over the next few days, to catch up with people, going to sleep, eat and drink. Basically get fit and strong. Working hard at putting on weight.

Way's that I communicate. I use social networking a lot, you can find me more as a personal footing on Facebook
Twitter       @Manxman53 The majority of my tweets are cancer based.
Email used for family, friends and business.

Last week I started using Tweetdeck and it is very good for using Facebook and Twitter blended together, in one place, quite easy to tailor to an individuals needs.

Sport. I am glad even if it was forced by Liverpool's owners that the Evra- Suarez  issue is put to bed.

Traa dy liooar.

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