Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day after a bad day/night.

First of all, I think and feel that my new chemo mix is doing me good. Side effects not uncomfortable but showing. Happy Days.

Yesterday, started off well, up very early, best I have felt for quite a while. OH! how that changed. By 3-00 pm, I was in agony, I had a blockage in my intestine, the pain was horrible. I have a very high pain threshold and am able to force myself to sleep, so normally I would go into a deep sleep and by my body relaxing the blockage should then clear but not yesterday. Drinking pure orange can help free the blockage but not yesterday.

I should have rang an ambulance or got to A&E but the news was going on about how the strike was effecting the emergency services and I just got on with it, people more in need than me and all I needed was the blockage shifted, which happened in the middle of the night. Thankfully.

My Angel, Norma supported me through the night and has gone into work, she must be dying on her feet. God, how I love her and wonder what would have happened to me, if Norma was not by my side.

Positive message, it is all over for now. I WILL SURVIVE!

Moving on, I am a bit perplexed with Manchester United at the moment, the wheels seem to have come off the trolley. F1 is over and well done Jensen Button for ending up second place in the championship. Well done to the Manx Missile, Mark Cavendish for getting your MBE of the Queen.

Traa dy liooar, Yessir.

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