Sunday, 4 December 2011

My new chemotherapy, side effects and more.....

My new chemo treatment, I hope is working. I am very fatigued, I am coming out in a skin rash, all good signs but in the case of fatigue, quite draining. I am far from cheerful, I know in my head that my treatment is working but am having some low points, which I must find a way through. Please let me know if you can think of something to help buck my idea's up. My concentration levels are low again not unusual with the treatment.

*Skin rash, advised by 'The Christie' to use Aveeno moisturising lotion. Oat based.

The positive thing though is that I feel as if it is working. I know that I will not be cured but to shrink the little demons and give me some quality in my life will be good.

My Angel, Norma is comforting me and is the best medicine that money can buy.

This month, we are expecting some of my Family over from the Isle of Man. They are going to a real German Market to stock up on goodies for Christmas, my Niece's Husband Helmut is a Fantastic guy and so full of all things traditional. They are hopefully, time and weather permitting, going to call in and visit for an hour on their way over to Germany. looking forward to them. After Christmas, my Son, Daughter in Law and Grandchildren will be coming to stay. Norma has organised a party for New Years day for both our Families to meet up (we have both been married before, so have extended Families). 18 people, great fun, crackers. Something to really look forward to.

Manchester United, continue to frustrate me. Alex Ferguson is putting it down to injuries but surely a squad that United have there must be plenty of good players ready to step in and have a chance of getting some 1st team games.

I have uploaded some video's onto my YouTube channel, Norma and My Spain, at the moment and Family gathering in Andalusia, Spain. Adrian's YouTube channel. Click here.

Traa dy liooar

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