Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Well HELLO World......

I am just coming around from the after effects of my New Chemo treatment. YES the funding came through. GOD BLESS the Christie Trust.

The treatment has to be given over an extended period, making the Monday of my appointment a long day, 15 hours, door to door, treatment given slowly as I am under observation. Hopefully next time may not be as long.

My treatment will be given every fortnight for 4 sessions, then tests will commence, Heart, Scans ect. Then I think the plan is to reduce the dosage of the chemo.

While on the subject, I am so very sorry to see that fellow Manxman, Robin Gibb has joined the battle against cancer. My thoughts are with him.

Sport wise, F1 coming to a close, been a long season, looks like no new USA race next season. United are in a good position in the Premiership and in Europe. The TT becoming a New World series, Isle of Man and other to be named countries.

We have been to Oxford, I was not 100% but enjoyed the 'Birthday Present' that Norma gave me. We stayed at The Malmaison, a converted prison, well worth a visit, excellent food and surroundings. Ideally situated in the heart of Oxford,

While we were away, new carpet was laid in the living room, hall and stairs. Looks nice and an excellent job.

Traa dy liooar

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