Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Health, Hope and Happiness.

I did not qualify for the clinical trial, for the cancer treatment my consultant wanted me on. This did not stop him putting me forward for the treatment though. He has put my case forward for direct funding from 'The Christie'/NHS. My consultant is well respected and he says that he has never been refused a recommendation before, so envisages no problem. I will get the call telling me if I have the funding for the treatment in the next week or so.

I am expecting a long day at 'The Christie' on the 14th if all goes to plan. It starts at 9-00am with my blood being taken, 10-00am see's my appointment with my cancer team, 2-00pm should see me getting my treatment. This has been rescheduled from 3-00pm as we complained it was too long a day. I know that the appointments will run late so due to the length of the treatment for the next 4 treatments will be very long days. I am expecting 12 hour, door to door days.

'The Christie' amongst its many fine facilities, has a quiet room, Big screen TV with fixed headphones. Wi-Fi linked PC's, sofas that you can lay down on, power outlets to keep my net-book charged up. You name it they have it. Smashing :o)

Since about Friday of last week I have been moody, feeling a shortage of breath, coughing. The result of a lack of oxygen I thought. Norma did a little research and discovered that due to my being weaned off  steroids which started last Monday, so now that we know what the issue is, all is getting better.

Norma, being Norma has coped with me and I am ever so grateful to have her in my life. My Angel.

Around the house. With our newly decorated living room, hall and Stairs. We have decided to have the same rooms re-carpeted, nice silver shade, quite neutral. We hope to have this fitted on the weekend of the 19th of November, this being the weekend we are away staying in Oxford. Malmaison Oxford, The Mal. follow the link to see the hotel. The stay is my birthday present from Norma.  

Holly, keeps me company through the day and is so attentive. Her eyes follow me everywhere. Thought I would just throw that in. LOL.

Traa dy liooar

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