Tuesday, 16 August 2011

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Had another bout of chemo yesterday, Monday. Delays due to people not following process, overworked maybe. Thank You all the people at Esure and the company itself for being so helpful to Norma and I. It really does mean a lot.

Health wise I am feeling good, I still have bad days but coping is becoming easier. My Weight is still gaining up from 55.60 two weeks ago to 56.90 kilos That is 8 stone 9 lb from 8 stone 6 lb, great news. I hope to break into the 9 stone soon. Not so long ago about 5 weeks I was at 8 stone 5 lb. I must be adding around 5 lb a week.

We have had looting and riots in Manchester, the City Centre and certain other parts of Salford and other areas have been effected. The Police are taking action to support the crack down on the looting, it is a shameful thing that these criminals have done and I believe that the police should be supported note only by the people but the military also, rubber bullets, water with blue dye , convicted criminals loosing their Mobiles and PC's, made to wear HI-VIS jackets to single them out as looters and tagged. Civil rights I hear you say, well we the law abiding citizens must have rights.

Norma and I are trying to finish the painting of our living room and staircase, add to this the finishing off of our Pergola by Son Ed and his mate Terry. all will no doubt be finished before my birthday  in early September. 58 before you ask.

We are away in Liverpool staying for a celebration of my birthday with my Sister and Brother in Law who will be in transit back to the Isle of Man from France. Our Grandson is staying in our house, hopefully he will have his friends around and enjoy. This is a bit of a trial run for the lad to see if he enjoys it, as we hope he will look after the house and Holly, while we holiday in Spain.

Taking about holidays. I have opened Norma and I accounts with a company, that you can buy you travel currency on line with. With this company you get a cash card (VISA) that rather that carry cash, you charge up your card and withdraw what you need at no extra cost from ATM's. Very secure in my mind. If you are interested you can read up on and apply at http://www.caxtonfx.com/

The two Manchester football teams are off to a good start, F1 is back this weekend after a mid season break.

Traa dy liooar.

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