Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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My general health has had its ups and downs, more ups than downs, I am glad to say. The Chemotherapy gave me the runs and we had some success with the stoma bags and paste. Eating well. I had a bad pain for some weeks in my groin area, this was diagnosed as a muscle strain, in fact it was an abscess, it was about the size of a tangerine, under my skin, it became visible next to an old wound site on Thursday, showing a small head. Norma, my nursing Angel, advised a Magnesium Sulphate Paste, a drawing ointment. By Saturday noon, it had burst, an awful lot of puss was removed by easing it out, the relief was instant, from not being able to stand up straight, I was free. My GP who I visited on Monday, put me on some pills to clear the infection.

The visit to my GP. I had not seen in person, a GP for over a year, this is due to my seeing my Cancer Crew, so no need to bother the GP. We had a Great Consultation, I had a few questions to ask. I need to organise an eye test, and I have asked to see a physiotherapist to assist me gain muscle mass and build up stamina.

I asked about my Returning to Work. The GP said to be realistic we would review in 5 or 6 months. I am Happy with this as it gives me a Target to aim for, I took a stroll last night with Norma and Holly part of my New Regime, to improve my stamina.

Friday, will see me setting another target. My intention is to visit work and see how things have changed, really looking forward to being with Good People. I hope to pick up some new processes, also to wish a young Lady well, who is going off to have a baby.

The wood for our pergola has been delivered, and we are adding more primer.

Holly, has taken to being an outside dog well now, no fussing, we allow her in to interact with us, her behaviours  have greatly improved.

I am enjoying the sport lately, the F1 Silverstone, was a good mix up. Mark Cavendish, is doing well in 'Le Tour de France' so the Manx Missile is making all us Manx Proud.

Norma's work again come up trumps, letting her off early, so we could visit the GP. Thank you all.

My thanks, also goes to TLC, for letting me visit on Friday.

Traa  dy liooar.

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