Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tynwald Fair, Coping with Cancer, Arndale Centre, Manchester. Holly. Stoma Nurse.

Last week, I tripped over Holly's lead, landed straight on my face, no hands to break the fall, lucky one of my neighbours heard me calling for help and aided me. Nose broke but I just straightened it, some cuts and grazes, nothing to bad, all sorted now.

My Stoma nurse visited and made certain recommendations, I now use a special paste and a

convex colostomy bag, this is helping my skin from burning and is helping to make my stoma stand proud. Looking good.

Monday, I was at 'the Christie' for my 5th cycle, of this treatment of chemotherapy. This one made me quite tired, no other side effects, I slept for 13 hours solid on Wednesday night, I have no problems sleeping, while on the chemotherapy, now just resting up. I do have a pulled stomach muscle, which is sorted by taking Ibuprofen, I hope that a strain is all it is, as it is right at an old drain sight.

Problems with answering machines led to my District Nurse visiting on Thursday rather than Wednesday. Kerry is great, always cheerful, nice Young Lady. No Issues.

Last Saturday Norma and I visited the Arndale, I went to one of my favourite CafĂ©  Duckers Patisserie, lovely pot of tea and nice chocolate ecclaire. You can people watch, all day. Excellent viewing place, nice customers and pleasant staff.

While in the Arndale I had a second lot of passport photo's taken, these ones arrived on the Isle of Man and my Sister has delivered them to the passport office. My MANX passport is now being processed. My Nation Pride, go's to the extent that I can have a UK passport but I am a MANX NATIONALIST and hold my passport with pride.

Holly is being well behaved, especially now that she is in her new home, her kennel known as 'Holly's House'. Holly is fast turning into an outside dog, we do have Family time with her but no sleeping overnight in the house, I am building a sort of porch and am looking for some thick plastic flexible sheeting to add to the little porch way, that I am building, this is to make it harder for the weather to get into her home. We will review 'Holly's House' and whether or not it gets to cold to occupy.

F1, comes to the UK this coming weekend, I do hope the British drivers and teams do well. The Manx Missile, Mark Cavendish is doing OK in  'The Tour de France 2011'. I wish Mark well. What is Carlos Tevez's next move, fine player, he was good for United. The News of the World is disappearing of our news stands, I do not read it but it will be sadly missed by many I am sure, sunk before an investigation, sunk by a few, possibly costing many jobs, no doubt.

Tuesday was Tynwald Day, I had my Manx Flag  flying, high in Manchester.

Traa dy liooar.

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