Monday, 18 July 2011

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Well here I am in the 'Christie' waiting at this time for my chemotherapy to be cooked and transported across town from Stockport to Withington.

Today's consultation with a member of my Cancer Crew, we have agreed to not wait for the results of my scan test's but to carry on until I shout "No More, Let my body rest for a while". I will carry on with the battle as the war is far from lost. I have 'Hopes and Dreams, a life to live out, so much to see and achieve' I want to be around for my Great Grandchildren, and be that smelly old fart, that they can all remember having a laugh with (or at) Ha, Ha'.

I am now weighing in at 54.40 Kilo's. That is 8.6lbs must eat more stodge, trouble is balancing it with my diabetes.

Last Friday, I had a Great Time, visiting my place of fun and work, a big thanks to Andy and Paul, for their patience and looking after me, especially Andy for organising a meeting with Cathy of HR, lovely Lady, Open and very caring, a true professional HR person who knows how to balance things to the correct outcome, I am sure I will enjoy her guidance, the same as everyone at work.

Friends from many departments came to see me, I will not name for fear of missing someone but you know who you are, I am sorry if I missed you but will make an effort to visit later in the day and also at a weekend.

My visit further strengthen my eagerness to return to work but my GP said at least 5/6 months so I am resolved to bide my time and get well. Where is my Physiotherapist.

Friday saw me with a bit of resting, managing to walk from the car, around to a cafe for breakfast with Norma but then on my own, I carefully walked around to work, couple of rest's. Around the call centre. then to the bus station, at which I caught the bus home, then a 200 meeter walk home with a lot of break's, I did not realise how hard it is to walk downhill.

Rest day, in the Tour de France, they have just descended from the Pyrenees, bit of the Alps to go this week ending up in Paris on Sunday.  Mark (The Manx Missile) Cavendish, is representing the Isle of Man well, I think he must be the most famous Manx Man of current times, Good Lad, I for one am proud of you. He has now won 19 stages over 4 years and has won, so far 4 stages in this tour, all down to him and his team to do on Sunday and that is if he gets to Paris, I am sure his team will nurse him through.

F1, this weekend from Germany, lets hope the Brits do well.

I see Carlos Tevez is on his way to Corinthians ( not my favourite Manx Team, I wish), for £39 million, wonder how City will do this season, without his scoring power, 44 goals, in 66 matches, I believe he made for them, when you consider it he is going away having a costing of just under a million a goal. Ha Ha.

A nice Lady who works with Norma, has supplied us with wooden lettering for Holly's Kennel, now called Holly's Pad, Groovy, or what, some Mojo to that, as Austin Powers would say.

Traa dy liooar.

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