Friday, 17 June 2011

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My daily life is improving quite a lot, I am doing quite a lot that you find out about as you read on. My strenth is improving, although on Monday, after spending 90 minutes on my feet, planting, washing down garden furniture and more, I headed in doors, I was about to pour a drink of milk, when I became very weak and almost passed out, I slumped over the sink and had to just stay there, after 10 minutes, I had enough strength to get to the sofa and started to come around after 45 minutes I was right as rain. Taught me a lesson to take physical work, slowly with lots of rest periods.

I have enjoyed spending some time outdoors to do some gardening, tidying baskets, tubs. We have quite heavy rain at times but that will help give us a good show if the summer ever arrives. This weekend we plan to fill the 3 tubs in our walled garden (back yard) with lots of new plants, we find that these plants grow at a slow rate, so we can replant these later in the summer autumn, to prolong our flower display.

Norma and I are members of an organisation called BARB, our TV's are hooked up into a system that shows what channel's we are viewing, if we surf while the adverts are on ECT. For doing this we receive points and these are turned into vouchers. Sp we have just cashed in our points for £450.00 worth of B&Q vouchers, which some will buy us things for our garden and home, nice result.

I am selling my old TomTom Go 700 Sta Nav with UK and Euro maps on Ebay.Selling my TomTom on Ebay have a look. Going Cheap. Although I have encouraged others to sell on Ebay, I have never done so myself. It is quite easy to build the page and set up payment and postage. I may start selling stuff, I have quite a collection of old video's, CD's, computer stuff and a lot more. At the moment I have been looking for some linen/cotton trousers and a suit, reason's being that most of my clothes are far too big, I was a 36 inch waist, now a 30 inch waist, Tshirts were large or XL, now a medium, so you can see my problem. I am sending off today for a Black Chinese lined/cotton suit,Chinese Black linen/cotton suit, elastic waist that fits me.  £26.88 delivered. I will look just like Bruce Lee. LOL. I like linen/cotton mix to take oh holiday as they are light and easy to pack, looks good creased and easily washes.Spot on.

I am back at 'The Christie' on Monday to meet my Cancer Crew, hopefully I will get a good dollop of chemo into me and help reduce the tumours on my lungs and liver. I wonder if the tumours on my lungs are getting smaller, so getting more oxygen  into my blood system, must ask. On Tuesday I have my Stoma nurse visiting in the afternoon, to discuss what we need to do to get the Stoma bags to stop leaking. Wednesday see's my District Nurse calling, to take off my chemo pump and clean my Hickman line.

One of my projects is to get back to grips with my Spanish, so books and CD's out, must download onto my MP3 players, one for me one for Norma.

Norma appears to be kept going at work, Norma loves her job and the people she works with, I remember how it was while she was working in places, which were not as comfortable to work in but Norma is so happy at work now, good company, nice people.

Traa dy liooar.

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Geoff Forster said...

Pleased you are up and about enjoying life now after your ordeal in hospital.

Big Brother's paying you to watch what you watch ... like it!

Nasty looking shirt you have there Adrian, you should change it to something more ... Black & White :-)

Take care