Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Life's ups and downs, it's twist's and turn's.

Hum, so why do I feel so well today, what is changing in my body?

Life was ticking over nicely, we received our B&Q vouchers, bought and planted, bushes, veg, tree & plants. Started planning a pergola style construction in our walled garden area. Must remember to say to Norma, do we deck the pergola area.

Monday was a little disappointing, we woke early drove to 'The Christie' 10-30 bloods and Cancer Crew all seen by 11-45, not bad. Chemo booked for 3-00pm. Bite to eat and a coffee in the gardens of the hospital,
3-00pm, came and went. Shortly after 4-00pm call came through, chemo put back to at least 7-00pm would we like to come back on Tuesday instead. So 8-30am back for my chemo, home by early afternoon, felt slightly sick and very tired, slept it off, then had a good feed and a steepness night bringing us to today, h! had to postpone stoma nurse to next week and postpone district nurse for a day to take off my pump.

I am as is Norma, so very grateful to the People at Esure for being so flexible and supportive in this a mixed up time. Esure = Good Company = Good People.

Looking forward to meeting up with my Sister and Brother in Law this coming Sunday for a lunch and chin wag. Good People, nice company.

Traa dy liooar.

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