Friday, 10 June 2011

The Bucket List, Since last post, New Tom Tom VIA Live edition, Isle of Man TT races.

Dealing with the inevitable, death. The thing about having a terminal illness is that you know you are going to die, sometimes you are given a life expectancy time, just a rough guess really, that can be shortened or lengthened by drugs operation's. Being positive and up-beat can also help. While watching a local news station last night (Granada TV) a young Lady who is nearing the end of her journey has created a Bucket List. The idea of a Bucket List came from a good film, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  the two guys are terminal but they create a list of things they would like to do before they die and then set about achieving their aims. Well I am now going to create my Bucket List.

  1. Donate into my just giving account money for everything that I achieve. Adrian Howarth Just giving donations.  I promise to pay in a minimum of £10.00 for small achievements and a hundred for major ones. Feel free to donate, yourself.
  2. To get back into work and meet up with all my colleges and to carry out my duties, The Listening Company (SERCO) are excellent employers and a special shout to Andy D and co. I will donate £250-00 from my first wage packet.
  3. To holiday in Cortes de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain, in September and October 2011. I will donate £50.00 on my return.La Pina. Owned by Angus and Susam Forbes.
  4. To ride round the TT course on a Motor Bike one last time, just to get it out of my system, I ahve a reason for this I cheated death at the 11th milestone because a biker ahead of me had crashed and only for the mud and his blood giving my tyres extra grip I would have crashed too. £50.00 will be donated.
  5. Norma and I to spend a long weekend in London with me well enough to walk around the sights. I will donate £50.00 for this.
  6. I will donate £1000.00 and my spare time to helping others, if I get the all clear from Cancer.
  7. That I have only 1 Red Rose from my Family on my coffin, all monies that would have been paid for flowers donated to my just giving account. Same for the scattering of my ashes in The Isle of Man. I am to be cremated in Blackley Cremetorium.The Crematoriam
Not a big, or unattainable list, I think. Those that follow the Cancer Journey after me, will stand a better chance of being cured from any donations that you make.

Since my last post, my diabetes is a lot more manageable now. My physical shape is improving I am happy to report. Still only 8st 1lb (around 52 kilos). Still a long way from my pre-cancer weight of 14.5 stones.

 I need to get exercising to build muscle mass, I have a set of weights and a Wii sports, you may laugh at me saying about the Wii but I am willing to try anything. If you have any suggestions please share them with me. My stoma bag keeps leaking but am trying to sort the problem out.

My chemo was a bit touch and go on Monday as I had an infection showing up but they gave me a reduced strength dosage. Must admit it did hit me a bit hard but what the heck I got through it didn't I.

Norma, yet again put up with me, I am like a wounded animal, snarling at everything but my Norma put up with me and we get through it, Norma is just an angel.

Our Tom Tom GPS (sat nav), was in need of a map upgrade, so I went on line to price up the maps. The price of the up-grades was a bit high, so high in fact it was better to buy a new one, so we know possess a brand new Tom Tom Via, 42 maps, live up-dates, speed camera warnings, traffic hold ups. The speed camera warnings should come in handy for Norma, driving home from leaving leaving me in hospital, her mind wandered and she was clocked at 37 mph in a 30mph zone. Norma is now attending a speed awareness course in Bury, rather than get 3 points and a £60.00 fine, yes it costs around £80.00 and is a 4 hour course but it will wok out cheaper.

TT week in the Isle of Man is coming to a close today, outside of a some deaths, which is never good, the racing has been very exciting. Let us hope fo a safe and exciting Senior race this afternoon. I have avoided watching the TT coverage on ITV 4 but am going to have a very enjoyable weekend watching the Iplayer on to see all the action, Red Arrows and Vulcan bomber would have been good to see, also all the bands and bike, miss it a lot. TT week equals the 3 Bs. Bikes, Beer, Beefburgers. LOL.

I have spent quite some time downloading pictures onto Photobucket and Picasa there is still some sorting out to do, once done, I will share via this Blog what I think will interest you.

I am going to try to sell my old Tom Tom on EBAY and may get around £50.00 for it, all fully operational, maps are OK but may not show all new roads/junctions, last updated 18 months ago, covers UK, Ireland & Europe, if you are interested contact me via the comments link on this page or if you have it Email me or Facebook me. I believe looking on EBAY it seems to be the going rate. If you live far away, postage will be required, I am no rip off merchant and will get a price for the parcel before sending it. I do not have the original box or carrying case but manuals and all cables with it, plus sticky/ holder thing for adhering to the car windscreen included.

Traa dy liooar

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