Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Love it, tired but so Happy.

Lets get the health bit out of the way. 2nd chemotherapy treatment taken, side effects, sore mouth, loose movement.Tiredness but this may be more linked to physical exertion rather than chemotherapy.

My Daughter in Law's Father, has been admitted into hospital but is now on the mend. He is a good man and we are all right behind his recovery, our thoughts are with him.

The Main Event. 

We travelled over to the Island via Heysham, taking our car. Arrived in good time to board but were held up in a jam for a while. Due to my disabilities the Steam Packet guys park us right by the lift, I have not much more that a car length to negotiate. Norma, Holly and me set to our cabin and rested well.

My Sister had let me know that my Cousin and his Son would be on the same boat but as I had never met either before thought that a chance meeting on a busy boat unlikely. So the trip was nice quite smooth, sun shining, sunny. Boat arrived in Douglas and we left the cabin to disembark, we headed towards the lift where there is also stairs to the car deck. I noticed two Gentlemen waiting to go down the stairs, listened to their accents and noticed a slight South African accent. I whispered to Norma that I thought they may be my Cousin and his Son, they are both over 6ft tall, strongly built. We did not make ourselves known, just in case I was wrong.

Drove straight from the boat up to the bungalow, unpacked, short rest, the down the road to my Sisters for a bite to eat, my Sister in Law from my brother's second marriage was there I had not seen her in 30 years or so, other Family where also there including yes the Gentlemen from the boat. We had a nice night catching up.

Friday the 29th of April 2011. 50 years ago today my Sister Lynn and her Husband George became Husband and Wife, it was a day to remember, they both looked really well, I have looked at my Sister's dress in pictures and the dress was quite full fluffed out and stopped just below the knee, Lynn was very stylish and quite a simple veil. Unlike the Royal Wedding taking place some 50 years later Kate's dress and veil suited the occasion I was very impressed with all the Ladies of her Family all dressed quite plain but with major style. My Sisters flower Girls wore similar dresses all holding flowers, I had a white satin shirt, black satin trousers, black patent shoes with silver buckles holding a small white bible.

The 50th anniversary party, the food was good and the dance band played. The people that were there, were fantastic. All the flower girls, All my Family including my Aunty Cissy soon to be 101 years old, what a trooper. I got kisses of everyone my Son and Daughter in Law along with Norma kept very close to me, as I am bit frail, my Grandson and Niece's Son did a bit of Hip-Hop dancing they are good.

Saturday, we had a bit of a run around the Island after getting up late then stopped off for a pizza diner at my nieces, conversation flowed, memories shared, 30/50+ years of Family History, it was 11-00 when Norma and I called it a day.

Sunday, driving around taking in the views, the we met up with my Onchan School friends and some of my family had a meeting as well. My school friends, included a Gent who I had not seen in about40 years, he was really looking good. We had a good chat some of us went on for a meal.

Monday, another run out, most of our runs, accompanied by my Sister in Law from Holland, she is great to be with and Norma was so pleased to be in her company. We had an early Dinner and set off to the boat, we waved to my Cousin and his Son on the deck just before we disembarked. A very quick drive home and straight to bed.

I am not very good at saying good bye and I know I may appear to be ignorant to some people but I get very emotional, I cry my eye's out and sob allot. Look at me I am crying now, the tears are not shed as unhappy tears, the opposite in fact, I am crying with Happy Tears, tears shed knowing I have the best Family and Friends anyone would wish for

I have more email address's for people and will mail them, as circumstance allows, my cousin and his Son will get a good long mail with a number of links, I did not get enough time with these guys and need to know more about their lives, my Cousin moved out to Rhodesia now called Zimbabwe before I was born, allong with my Uncle, Aunt and his Sister, they have seen a lot of change, over the years. Cousin is so like my Grandfather and my Uncle, he is a man with a twinkle in his eye, you just know he has a lot to tell and as he said to me we have led  lives that are quite similar, not afraid of a bit of adventure, also like myself a keen motor cyclist. He lives in England now as does his Son and we will all get together, nice people, I am so proud of them.

United are looking good in Europe and F1 is back at the weekend. Happy Days.

I think I have covered everything.

Traa dy liooar. 

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