Monday, 18 April 2011

Enjoy yourself its later than you think

We made plans and then due to being tired we called our plans off. We had planned to drive up to Carlisle and have lunch, it is a 2 hour drive, either way and judged due to us both being tired it would be dangerous to do.

My weekend has all been about watching TV and on the PC, this is been brought on by a side effect of my chemotherapy treatment. (loose movements). This would also hinder traveling.

One of my primary school friend amazes me, Margaret has yet again found another class mate of ours he is called Kevin as well as another called Stephen. It is surprising how some people stay very close to their family and place of birth but others travel to the other side of the world.

In reflection of the above are Norma and I unusual, we do not see driving to Carlisle and back to meet FFriends and Family for a Sunday Lunch or flying to the Isle of Man and back to celebrate a special day. Some people see a journey of 10 miles to far to trek.

This coming Thursday we attend 'The Christie' for if all is well my second chemotherapy treatment. This will be the 12th treatment I have taken. They are broken down into groups of 6 with a break for scans to see what results have if any been achieved. My last group was stopped after 4 treatments to allow my body to recover enough to be operated on.

As a matter of habit, I give my employers a progress report email about once a month. Part of my mail always covers how much I miss work and all my mates at work and I always enquire is there something that I can do from home just to keep me stimulated and up to speed with the changes within the business. HR have suggested we have a get together and chat about things in general, sounds good to me.

My last day at work was 22nd of April 2010 now a year on and everyone at work are supporting me, taking interest in me, generally being really good. Thank you all and yes I will be back.

Am I a facebook addict, suppose I am really but it is so good and touching down with friends, seeing what they are up to, raising families, life changes. Catching up with people you may have lost contact with many years ago add this to the fact that you can write a mail and hit send and in no time at all it arrives at the other side of the world, amazing.

Norma like allot of the British workforce is having a lot of time away from work over the next few weeks, what with Easter, Royal weddings and other bank holidays. Norma has a full time job, working in HR for a very large company, a job she absolutely loves, working with great people. Norma also looks after me, I do what I can to ease her load but I feel this is not enough, Norma tells me off a lot for saying sorry but she soothes me when I am getting het up, cleans me up when I am in a mess, makes sure I have my medicines ready of which I take 30 + pills a day. Norma needs a rest, time to read and do a puzzle or two, hopefully we will be able to do this.

Our Families are all doing well, they appear to be happy, both Norma and I have been married before, Norma's Husband having died a while back but she has lots of Sisters and Brothers with nephew's and nieces, then Norma has a Daughter, Son and their families, now all my Family. Through my first Wife Harriett (Harry) I have a Son Daughter in law and Grandchildren, I hope I around long enough to see my Great Grandchild in years to come, my Eldest Grandchild Kayleigh is 15 this week, like all the rest beautiful and although can be a bit stubborn at times is really an angel.My Niece who I think of as my little Sister and her Husband who is brilliant have a lad who is just great. I also love my Nephews in N' Ireland through Harry's side, they are a great bunch of lads, they lost Alan their Father some years ago Irene their Mother was a real matriarch and was always there for her Boys. Sadly to say Irene and I found out we had to travel our Cancer Journey about the same time, sadly Irene's journey has ended but her memory lives on and we now have her Grandchildren to tell them stories about her.

My Sister and Brother in Law, celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the end of this month Norma and I aim to attend, I can say for myself and am sure Norma agrees that we will have a great time, meeting reletives that of whom I may not have seen since the wedding. I am really looking forward if she is able to attend is seeing my Aunty Cissy who is over 100 years old, add to this I am sure to meet up with at least one of my dead brothers ex Wives, Cobi lives in Holland and my Nephew with his Family living near by. Cobi is great a very nice person. My ex Wife harry will also be there, Harry lives in the North of the Island but we have solved and travel/accomidation arangements by insisting that we pickher up and drop her back at home, staying the night with us in the bungalow, YES SEPERATE BEDROOMS AND BEDS! Norma and Harry get on well together, I only have nice Wives.

The last few days sporting events had its ups and downs. Manchest United beaten by Manchester City but United going 6 points clear at the top of the League on level games. The F1 was satisfacory, with Hamilton winning was nice and to see Webber gat into 3rd was fantastic but seeing Button pushed down to 4th was sad. I do not disike Vettle but like to opose him and support the other 3 and the other British guy, I also like to follow the British bassed Team, even Red Bull.

I suppose I should be thinking about getting up soon and start my day, it is warm and sunny, no wind.

Oh facebook,I am going to see if I can stay off it a little bit reduce my time spent on it perhaps to 2/3 hours a day, with this in mind I may be a bit more prolific on my blog.

Traa di liooar.

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