Monday, 16 May 2011

Well here I am.......

Well here I am in bed in 'The Christie' Hospital, Manchester. I was admitted a week last Sunday feeling a little unwell. After test's I am now being treated for diabetes, this is now being brout under control.

Can I thank you all for donations that you have made or will make towards the many cancer charities, I speak for many here, your donations have allowed me and us to the excellent facilities and carers you could wish for, all stays in medical are daunting but your donations help.

My Sister and Brother in Law are cruising in the Mediterranean and I hope having a wonderful relaxing holiday. I wonder if mobiles work while at sea via a satellite link, do you get internet, Hmm I wonder, I imagine it would be nice if it did not work as you would  not be on Facebook all day.

My Norma is well, enjoying her work and is very thankful of the support her friends at work give her, she always shares with me the little things that mean so much, being loaned a good book to read, to some fruit toast, even the Easter egg that was welcomed not only by Norma but I am sure Holly enjoyed the occasional morsel. Hee Hee.

Our pet, Holly the dog, I have been told by Norma is very confused with my not being around, she looks around the house for me and is very confused with my absence, I wonder what she thinks. I know I will have a very excited Holly to return home to.

I have had a visitor, Michael, we have known each other for around 14 years, he is excellent company and a pleasure to be with. I had to postpone a visit from him yesterday as I was in an infectiousness state.

Manchester came up trumps with United winning the League and City winning the FA Cup, well done.

I watched the Euro Vision contest on Saturday evening and being a person that does not usually watch something like this program, I have to admit it was a very entertaining and slick show. I enjoyed are they called Jedwood and Blue but agree that the right song won, a very tight contest but I still wonder about the voting.

All my extended Family are well. Some of the Carlisle crew attended the Radio 1 big weekend in Carlisle where the top act was Lady Gaga, I hope they really enjoyed all the performances and I look forward to hearing about their experiences.

I wish all my special Onchan Primary School Friends a hearty hello. Big Hugs to you all.

Special mention to my Daughter in Laws Father, Vic rest up get well soon and stay strong NO PUSHING YOURSELF BEYOND WHAT YOUR BODY CAN TAKE. Big Hug mate.

Traa dy liooar.

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