Friday, 20 May 2011

Just Deal With It.............

A bit of a summery first about my journey with Cancer;

  1. I thought that I had picked up a virus making it hard to poo, this was around December 2009.
  2. In May 2009, on holiday with my Wife Norma and her Sister Sheila in Tunisia, Sheila mainley who has and is dealing with her own issues, convinced me in visiting my GP on our return home of which I agreed to do. I owe these Ladies a lot.
  3. June 2009 diagnosed with Cancer, Primary Bowel then Liver and back stomach.
  4. July 2009 started Chemotherapy at 'The Christie' hospital 10 treatments in all. Worked throughout the treatment/ I will add here that The Listening Company (SERCO now) have supported me in every way I have needed.
  5. April 2010, tumours had shrunk or disappeared enough to have them removed by operation's on bowel and liver. 50% liver removal and piece of bowel taken away. 7 days later due to infection, whole bowel removed. I remember very little of a long period of this time I believe that over this time I was very ill and may have not pulled through.I was in hospital for just under 6 months.
  6. After a few months of letting my body recover we returned to 'The Christie' to see if I was clear of Cancer Tumours. After a CT Scan it showed that I had tumours in my liver and now in my lungs, so it is/was spreading.
  7. I am now being treated with more chemotherapy to treat my tumours I have just had my second treatment out of six. I will add at this time that a side effect that does not effect all people is that I now have Neuropathy, this leaves me with numbed hands from the wrist to ends of fingers and from knee cap to toe ends.
  8. 11 days ago I felt unwell running a temperature nearing 39, normal should be between 36/37 degrees. So Christie help line called and was admitted to 'The Christie' as an SOS patient. Test made and they showed I have stage two diabetes, this is easily treated by watching my diet and taking a few pills daily but it took 10 days in a side room of the hospital.We discussed our hair loss the Lady had shaved due to it had become patchy, so I saw her idea and am now like a bowling ball as my hair was just mad.
  9. I have a main issue that is annoying and inconvinent being the external bags used to collect waste that would come out of my backside. The bags adherence is not good, I get leak's that although others don't realise make me feel feel a little unclean and I change my bags quickly and tidy myself or with Norma's help, to smell sweet again.LOL.
  10. I would like to say, how pleased I am with 'The Christie' Hospital. I can see why it is very highly ranked as being one if not the best Cancer Hospitals in Europe. The people who work here from the cleaners to the consultants are calm and polite, you are made to feel that you are in expert hands of which you are. Fantastic rooms and garden's, conservatory, good well presented wholesome food, restaurant, shops, coffee shops. All make to a fantastic experience. A lot of the upkeep and facilities are run by volunteers and by fund raising., so YOU have probably given a few pounds over the years that has made its way to 'The Christie'. As a benefactor of your donations, I have befitted wonderfully as have many others.
If you do fancy donating some money to being Lynn Foulds-Woods Bowel Cancer campaign
The Christie, this is set up for instead of buying anything for my Birthdays including cards, that a small donation would be a vary useful gift towards helping find out how to cure and hopefully stamp out Cancer's. I know it wount be there for me but I hope other will benefit, so if you have some spare cash that you don't want well shove it in here. 
I will just add something I am very proud of. I am a trialist at 'The Christie' I have donated my body to medical research, sort of thing. my blood is being monitored and I am hoping that they may be able to use my organs in some way to help others. 

Traa dy liooar and a BIG HUG to you.

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The Doll said...

You are the biggest inspiration Mr H. I'll be donating at the end of the moneht via your Just Giving. Keep up your strength and continue to smile a mile x