Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New aims, La Pina. Carlisle. Health. F1, Manchester United

Norma and I are getting very excited. A day or so ago, I posed the idea with Norma about going to Spain on holiday, it is Norma's 65 on the 3rd of October, Yes I am a toy boy, 57 now but 58 by Norma's birthday. So where better to celebrate than in one of the nicest villages in Andalusia. Cortes de la Frontera.

So we contact the owner's Angus and Susan and they confirmed the dates we asked for. The house is in the hills behind Marbella and Gibraltar, about 40 min drive from each. The village is quiet, very few visitors, if you want to party just drop down to the coast. The village is central for other towns like Ronda and Arcos,both very lovely places.

Angus is an excellent photographer (Professional) Weddings and commercial. When Angus confirmed our stay, if he was here we would have kissed him, he has made our year to date. I am not sure what the position is but if you fancy a great holiday why not contact him through his site.  Angus also has a site for his photography

I now have a target to get stronger and fight for.

Last weekend Norma and I visited Carlisle, staying with Norma's youngest brother and his partner, seeing also a couple of relatives, a really relaxing time, with good company. Holly had two dogs to play and bark with, they were really quite sociable most of the time.

My health has been up and down, mostly due to me sugar levels but all seems to be settling down now and I am feeling good the majority of the time.

F1, is turning into a Vettel parade but you never know.

Manchester United finally picked up the trophy, I have to say Barca deserved to win against United.

TT practace week on the Island, two sidecar guys killed last night, R.I.P. guys.

Traa dy liooar.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya mate,

Tell me when you´re gonna be there.
I will make every effort to come and see you

Love and Hugs Daryl