Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Busy then tired but so happy.

Starting with my health.

Yesterday, I visited 'The Christie' to meet up with my Cancer Team, Norma and I arrived in good time, I was booked in for my blood test, the nurse hit oil on first stab LOL. My sample was sent down to the lab to be analysed.. This usually takes around an hour then you are called to see one of your Team.

The meeting. We discussed my improved weight gain (11lb) in 5 weeks, I had lost 5 stone, my Peripheral neuropathy, numbness of hands and feet was discussed, Then on to the next stage of my treatment for the tumors in my lungs and liver.

It was my teams decision not to carry out any treatment, but we agreed for me to have a CT scan and await the results. The CT Scan will up-date what is going on inside me, this will include drain sites to ensure that area's are not collecting bad matter, this will also highlight tumor hot spots and we will know the full extent of my condition.

Next appointment with my Cancer Crew, for a review meeting is in 5 weeks, so it is get stronger, add weight for now.

As I said to Norma yesterday 'I am at peace now' and ready for whatever the final result is.

Our short holiday in the Isle of Man.

Norma, Sheila, Holly and me, set off to board the ferry in Birkenhead, nice trip and Holly was quiet. On the ferry both ways we had a cabin, we were given excellent assistance parking by the lift so no stairs for me.

Saturday evening, had a bar meal, at the Archibald Knox in Onchan, some of my Family joined us. I ordered gammon, egg & chips. The portion was massive and those including my self thought that I would not finish all that. Well I almost did 99% anyway.

Sunday evening was to be at my Sisters and some family for a slap up meal, which was beautiful, fine meal, fine wine and great company. Earlier in the day we had a drive around the north of the Island, taking in Tholt-y-Will, Sulby, The Lhen, Point of Ayre, Skirting Ramsey, Laxey and back to Onchan.

Holly experienced sand and crashing waves, the sound of the waves scared her a bit, but she discovered a liking for stones and fetching thrown stones., 

Monday was a day of rest for me but Norma and Sheila visited Douglas for a bit of shopping, coffee & toast.

I may be a bit mixed up with the events here but here goes;
We visited Peel and traveled over to St Patrick's Isle and Peel Castle. Here I had a hot Bovril and a balm cake. We then traveled down to Niarbyl then on to Port St Mary, Port Erin, Cregnish and the Sound (Calf of Man). Holly had a walk and enjoyed the wind in her ears' Traveling home we passed through Castletown.

Meeting people;

We met up with my Son Richard, his Wife Charlotte and children Kayleigh, Gerry-Anne & Kyle.
My Sister Lynn, the best Brother in Law in the World George, my niece, who is more of a Sister to me Jeanette with husband Helmut and their Son Albert.

We met up for a coffee with my first Wife Harry and a long time friend Les in Ramsey.

At the risk of upsetting people I had a wonderful time on the Friday night, in the British Hotel (pub) on the quay in Douglas. I had used Facebook to link up a few friends on the Island for a meet. Norma, Sheila, Lynn, Helmut, George and myself arrived early to be joined by Peter S. Linda C. Anne H. Margaret C. Patricia C. Linda Caulfield known as Little Miss Dynamite who I have known for over 40 years provided the entertainment, Linda has so much energy and a wonderful singing voice, a top class entertainer. We all danced and had a wonderful time. Margaret brought some photo's as I did as well, what a laugh to look back.Linda dedicated a song to me 'Simply the best' and that is how I feel for everyone.

Something that I hear you say, what a load of tosh. Well Linda (Little Miss Dynamite) rang me and offered her Mothers help with my Cancer. Linda's Mum is a Healer, do not scoff. I have experienced some things in my time including my own visions and feelings. I am sending over a picture of myself to Linda's Mum so she can start to help me. Linda's Mum expects no financial gain, she is happy just to help. 

We have some photo's that I will upload, later.

Traa dy liooar.

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