Tuesday, 8 March 2011

not a lot but today is Pancake Day

Not much has happened since my last entry, I have been sleeping a little to much but put this down to lack of mental stimulation. My Doctor has issued me another sick note for two months this will take me up to the 8th of May. My MacMillan nurse says I am looking better and I still am adding weight.

Before the Cancer operations 14 stone.
Month or so ago. 8 stone 2 lb.
Today 8 stone 10lb. (this is before my Pancake's)

My Sister and Brother in Law are over a week of Friday and we are planning a night out some entertainment followed by a meal. It will be their 50th Wedding Anniversary soon, a Family get together, this should be good.

Norma has been full of a cold for some days now, I hope her cold has gone soon.

Traa dy Liooar

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