Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The time is just flying

Since my last BLOG time has flown, although I have not really done anything.

The issue around the steroids has gone. My appetite is getting better, the numbness in my hands and feet appears to be worsening I hope this is a reflection off the weather so not permanent.

Norma, is looking after me extremely well, even after a hard day at work.

Our trip to the Island is coming ever closer, we intend to carry out a dry run over the weekend to Birkenhead this will acquaint us with the route as we normally either fly, or sail from either Liverpool or Heysham. The IoMan steam Packet Co berth is at 12 Quays Terminal, Tower Road, Birkenhead Wirral CH41 1FE.

 My strength is improving by the day. This is in no small way a feat that Norma is to be complimented for, also the thought of seeing all my Family and as many friends as possible on the Island has given me a target to aim for.

Outside of Norma's Daughter Helen, Alfi and Lori I have had no visitors.

Norma's Son Ed and Debbie have a New arrival, a Sister for Lily and Carla.

My Nephew Peter and Karin have also brought into the fold a boy called Levi and as with Ed and his Family I wish all health and prosperity, with not so many sleepless nights.

May I thank you all for your mails and mentions on Facebook, they are very comforting as well as stimulating.

Holly our pet dog, is doing well, we are all learning how to live with each other. I cannot wait to see how she reacts to a boat trip and fresh smells from the glens on the Isle of Man, also lots of new friends. Must remember to keep her on her lead around livestock.

Life is good :o)

Traa dy lioor

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