Friday, 11 February 2011

Macmillan Nurse and Steroids

On Wednesday Norma and I had a visit from a loverly Lady called Lesley, who is a Macmillan Nurse.

Lesley, gave us an overview of her roll and a short insight into her experience in nursing, very impressive. Gave us both comfort.

Macmillan's through Lesley will ensure that all financial entitlements will be secured.

It was mutually decided that I would be put back onto steroids, a different type, as yet I am having no side effect's, so we are doubling the dosage as  of tomorrow Saturday, if it makes me have side effects we will return to the original dosage . So lets keep our fingers crossed.

Tonight, Friday, Norma has nipped out and bought us both Sweet Chili Chicken Deli and a Mcflury from McDonald's, very nice it was to. Getting my appetite back, this will help me going forward. 

My Niece and her Family treated us to a rather large wooden box of sweets for Christmas I feel an urge coming on.

Traa dy lioor

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