Sunday, 30 January 2011

Karen and Tony and other

Karen C came to journeys end a couple of days ago I had only known the Lady a few weeks, she leaves a a good Family behind her.

From around the age of 4, I have called Tony Pearson a good friend from playing up in Ballacrink and going and going to school I never saw him lose his cool, in my life I met Tony all over the place, he was always having a hearty laugh, I am sorry Tony I was not there for your send off but if I can get some info of Ian (Alfie)  via Sandra or perhaps Linda C, I will make every effort to visit you. If someone knows Jenny please see if she will make contact, another Nice Lady.

Well I have been in a very dark place last week, the chemicals in the steroids, made me lose it a bit, thought it may be the end this time around but hey tablets reduced to a stop, Norma's help and God bless all at her work, be it in Manchester or Glasgow thank you all. I am out the other end now Sunday. More bumps to go but at this time, bring it on.

I have had a number of visitors lately Joe S & Mr O'Rourke (Good Men) who never grow older both met from C&W or was it NTL days, still chasing the Ladies. LOL.The weekend came a visit from Norma's Sister Janet and her partner Paul both Good People, I feel sorry for Janet and again for Paul for different sides of the same coin. Janet had a partner Gary who was taken by Cancer and cast's a shadow on all of the Carlisle Crew, Gary was a lovely guy, for  that matter matter so is Paul. I have just noticed Janet can only get partners with short names, Ha Ha.

I wish Lori the best for her trip to London and thank Helen, for getting Norma out on Saturday. OH! I cannot wait till I see Kyle, Gerry-Anne, Kayleigh and Albert some young ones to give a hug, all  my Family's Children.

I am counting down the days till we set off to the Isle of Man, Norma, Sheila, Holly and me on tour and seeing all my Family and hopefully some Friends (inc Tony P) and with luck I may get to meet Mrs D who I have never actually met but we have corresponded for ages, although Mrs D lives down the south of England we both have Family on the Island. It would be good for us to put faces to people. LOL. I am really am in a great mood, long may it stay.

Facebook is good for finding people, I found two old mates last week both Peter and Paul were my best men at my Wedding to Harriet (Harry) I wonder if Paul can hold his drink yet. Pete still lives on the Island but Paul is in Australia, who would think Paul would get up and go. Good Men both.

Enough, I hear you say so,

Tra dy liooar.

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