Wednesday, 15 December 2010

and on we go.

Not a lot has happened over this period, I have bought and had delivered what I needed to do for Christmas, Norma's card bought from Hallmark arrived and looks very nice, we do not seem to be posting out many cards this year, or receiving that many when it comes to it, sign of the times. The postage is dearer than the cards.

Today, Norma and I visited my Cancer Crew. My stoma nurse is concerned about my stoma and another operation may be required. This will be to re-fashion my stoma, pull out more intestine so that it stands out a bit more and the stoma bag will sit better. My Primary Cancer nurse spoke to us and we decided to wait until next Wednesday afternoon to discuss our next steps, this will be in the afternoon of the day I have a CT Scan in the morning. Hopefully I will have no collections of infection in what was my bowel area. This may also show some information about cancerous area's if any exist and what is our next step, in the journey.

Coming up is my second Christmas knowing that I have Cancer, which makes it that much more important to celebrate, which in our case means having family in Manchester, Carlisle and the Isle of Man will mean a lot of phone conversations. Norma and I are staying at home, just the two of us on Christmas Day, happy to be in each others company, we have fine food and wine in and will thoroughly enjoy the day. Boxing Day we are going to Norma's Daughter's for a Boxing Day buffet, with Norma's Son and Family dropping in. We could have gone further afield but feel that need to be near to the hospital.

Manchester United beat the Arsenal, on Monday putting United two points clear and a game in hand, happy days, lets hope United either draw or better still win away to Chelsea at the weekend. I listened to the Khan fight on Sunday morning, it was a good fight and not a bad result.The 3rd Test of the Ashes matches should be good lets hope that England pull it off.

Some of my Family are on the boat from the Island tonight and will be visiting me tomorrow, only a flying visit but welcome none the less. I believe some Manx Meat will be brought. My visitors are driving to Germany and will no doubt be visiting more than one German Market, the car will I have no doubt be laden with goods on the way back. Safe journey all.

Nollick Ghennal as Blein vie noa

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YouCantStopStepford said...

It's good to hear that everything seems to be going smoothly. You're still in my thoughts and prayers!

Mad Love To You,