Monday, 20 December 2010

Lead up to Christmas 2010

Before reading my blog can I ask you to consider making a donation to a worthy cause. Lynn Foulds Wood has a campaign to help people with Bowel Cancer, Lynn, Siobhan and all at the Campaign work tirelessly to help others, please take time, to have a read of the website. Lynns Bowel Cancer Perhaps you would like to do something and raise cash, is a good way to administer your donations and the money gets to the charity quickly. Justgiving Lynns Bowel Cancer Campaign is a  registered charity - number 1099455. Thank you.

Thursday evening I had a bad night. The day started off well with a visit from some of my Isle of Man Family, on their way to Germany, they arrived safely, skirting the worst of the weather bot here and in Europe. When it came to the evening though my bowel become very active, my stoma bag and fistula bag would not adhere, to say the least I started to wonder was it all worth the bother, a dark time, my mood effected Norma too, I am so lucky to have her, although frustrated herself she comforted me and we quickly cleaned me up and sorted out the bags. It was a dark day and I am sure I will have many more but I really need to stay calm at all times.

Wednesday of this week may be a challenge, CT scan in the morning, Cancer clinic in the afternoon to discuss the CT findings, I will up-date the blog with the results.

So here comes Christmas, Norma has us well organised. Christmas though is a hard time for almost everybody, like New Year it is a time for recollection, we remember those we have shared Christmas with in the past, people who we have shared a meal with, this year as well as Family I will remember, Les, Rolland, Gary and Irene who finished their Cancer Journeys, but I am so thankful to be able to think of Sheila, Pete, Mo and others who I know are still on the journey and we will survive.

One of our Grandchildren (via Norma's side) who is studying theater and is in her last year. This does not stop her gaining experience and earning money as she learns, Lori is amongst other activities is part of a girl band called 'Divinity' follow them on Facebook Divinity . Fred Lori's brother is also learning theater and I know he will do well, as for Alfi, she will be a little star.

I am also very proud of my Nephew Gordon in Holland, who is making quite a name for himself in the entertainment business, listen to some of his tracks Gordon Howarth

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a Great Family, all of which hold special gifts. They may be in Ireland, England, Holland and the Isle of Man but they are always with me. Add to this all my Friend's dotted around the world, Salford, Manchester, Ramsey, Douglas, Onchan, Winsford, Warrington, Espania, Kiev, St Lucia, Philippines to mention a few, they are all close by and I think of you all and Thank you for being with me.

The weather is creating a right mess, what I missed most was Manchester United kicking Chelsea's butt but the game was postponed, United have two games that will need playing, a rest for them now but they will have to catch up later in the season.

Nollick Ghennal

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