Monday, 6 December 2010

Ups and Downs of the last 7 days.

The week was going well until Wednesday, my stoma or my intestines became blocked leaving me in a lot of pain, I imagine like constipation pains, that is what it is I suppose. These subsided by Friday but came back again in the early hours of Saturday morning, my stomach became very extended and I cannot describe how much pain I was in. It was well in my mind that I may require an ambulance but soldiered on. Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up in some pain but not as bad as it had been, I decided to have a glass of fresh orange juice, this worked a treat and released the blockage. I have used quite a few stoma bags over this period. Norma was an absolute star, yet again. (Stoma bags cost around £82.00 for a box of 30, I am using a box every 5 days, getting my NHS contributions back big style).

I am in contact with a Lady who has had cancer and is waiting on results that are due to be announced this coming Wednesday, I am thinking of you and hope all is clear.

Pete, if you read this let me know how you are getting on, I will try and contact Chris via Facebook.

It has been very cold of late, yesterday I made a mixture of fat,dry bread and seeds for the birds and other animals, they are very hungry and need fats to survive. Birds are so nice to look at, I also enjoy the squirrels and our urban foxes. We also have owls  and bats, not bad for a city center.

Sport wise, Manchester United did not play due to the weather in Blackpool, England look good in the ashes match in Adelaide. Linfield FC beat Lisburn Distillery FC in Northern Ireland.

I am going to visit a stoma day this coming Wednesday, never been to one before, I am looking forward to the displays of items available.

I have added Skype again to my notepad and can be video conferenced at adrian.howarth1.
You can find me on twitter Manxman53.
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Traa dy liooar.


pete said...

Hi Adrian, Pete here, I check your blog daily to monitor your progress. Glad you're doing so well with just the occasional set-back to stop you getting complacent.
Went to see City v Saltzburg last week, all tickets a fiver though I guess you'd still think I was overcharged.
Off to Whitley Bay tomorrow to stay with friends for a couple of nights. When they invited us I bet they never dreamed we'd actually take them up on it. That'll teach them.
When you feel up to it we'd love to meet up again so there's an incentive for you.
Stay warm and all the very best.


YouCantStopStepford said...

I hope everything works out for the best! You are constantly in my prayers! I also have to give you mad love for being such a trooper!

Mad love 2 you,