Friday, 12 November 2010

Since last Friday

Well after the break in Carlisle and The Lakes, life has become very sedate,playing on the PC's a bit of reading.

My Sister had an operation in Tuesday in Liverpool all appears to have gone well some discomfort but manageable. I hope to see more of my Sister and Brother in Law over the weekend.

My strength is improving by the day, things I would not attempt two weeks ago, I can now achieve. This makes me very happy as it is a sure sign that my life is getting better. If only I could get the stoma bag's to adhere better life would be perfect, I have learnt to put up with this discomfort and know it will get better.

OH! Just remembered, my Doctor has signed me off as unable to work until the 8th of January 2011. This has two sides in my mind.

  1. I have to try hard to get better.
  2. It gives me a target to perhaps return to work, which I miss greatly, not only for the activity but for the social aspect. A lot has changed since April 2010.

Remembrance Day yesterday, Norma who was in work and myself at home both heard the gun go off at eleven, this is unusual must have been the wind. Mentioning wind it was very stormy last night, no damage done.

Wednesday we had a sculpture of a deer placed in the garden, pictures taken for the Metro Link who paid for it.

Traa dy liooar.

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