Friday, 5 November 2010

End of October first few days of November

Saturday 30th October

Norma and I travelled up from Manchester to Carlisle, booked into the Hilltop Hotel part of the Swallow Hotel Group which is the hands of an administrator, the hotel is clean and tidy if looking a bit tired, considering there are B&B that are dearer in Carlisle with less facilities, bottom line good value for money.

In the evening we visited Norma’s youngest Brothers home lots of Family and Friends there, we all ordered carry out Norma and I enjoyed our Indian, I had 2 yes 2 bottles of Bud to wash it down, Great Night.

Sunday 31st October.

Good breakfast in the hotel, then down the road to the Church of Saint John the Evangelist on the London road for the christening of Betsie. It was what I call a Happy Clapper service and quite enjoyable, it was well attended with Friends, Family and the normal parishioners. The Vicar gave Betsie a good welcome into the Church and spoke about wearing a cross with pride, I have to agree that Christians appear to be a bit backward in showing their faith, other religions wear their different dress openly and proudly.

After the Church, we had a gathering in a nearby club (Club 35), a buffet and disco were laid on, directed at the Children and themed around Halloween, all the Children changed from Sunday best to Halloween costumes, a wonderful sight. I was quite emotional (a bit weepy) being in the company of so many wonderful caring people. It was a GOOD TIME.

Norma and I left after a couple of hours meaning to go back to the hotel to rest up but decided to have a little trip up to see her old home. We ended up travelling up the road around 10 miles to Gretna in Scotland, the weather was mild and clear. Norma bought some goodies and we then headed back to the hotel. We just snuggled in for the night and enjoyed chilling.

Monday 1st November.

We visited Norma’s Sister Sheila’s in the morning and they walked into Carlisle to do some Christmas shopping, lots bought. I stayed in Sheila’s and rested. Around lunch Norma and I travelled down the M6 came off at Penrith then across to Grasmere. The Swan Hotel was easily found and I must admit the Hotel is splendid, our bedroom far excelled our expectations. We stayed in our room and rested.

In the evening we went downstairs to the bar and sat in the lounge, roaring fires are everywhere in the hotel, large comfortable chairs and settee’s to sink into. I had a steak sandwich which was massive, could not do it justice, to be honest, the food is fantastic. Early night.

  • Both in the Swallow Hilltop in Carlisle and the Swan in Grasmere we experienced fire alarms in the late evening 11 ish.

Tuesday 2nd of November

What a breakfast, a work of art and very good, imagine this  a bed of lightly smoked bacon, topped by a round of succulent blackpudding, topped with a fried egg, side of tomato and mushroom, on a spotless white plate and a fried slice on the side, toast and honey.
Brother in law from Carlisle,  John came to visit us, he is very knowledgeable of the area and an avid fell worker, he was kind enough to drive us around the sights of Ambleside, then up to Hawkshead, although a very wet day a pleasant one, thanks to John. Siesta, in the afternoon after another bit of messing around with bags.

Wednesday 3rd of November.

Norma and I had a run up the Kirkstone pass and onto Patterdale, lovely views spoilt only by one of my bags coming off, that did not detour us though.

We returned to The Swan Hotel to meet up with my Sister and Brother in Law, which was great, again we all slept in the afternoon and relaxed, nice meal in the Swan, early to bed.

Thursday 4th November

We all went out after a good breakfast, raining heavily, flooded road you name it we had it, visited Hawkshead a nice village.
After a restful afternoon we had Dinner in Sara’s Bistro, fantastic food be it Salmon, Duck or Steak.

Couple of pints back to bed.

Friday the 5th of November

Travelled home from Grasmere. Not a good day today feeling a bit low, a bit of a bug but it is wearing off for the early evening.

Firework celebrations this evening double up, with it being Guy Fawkes night and Dawali Festival. I hope you all stay safe.

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