Friday, 29 October 2010

That was the week, that was.

Monday 25th October 2010.

A fine day in Manchester, a heavy overnight frost.

My health is fine but I am still experiencing difficulties with the stoma bags.
Stoma information

I am happy to say that not only will we be seeing most of Norma's family but some of my own next week.

This afternoon, I have watched Tom Hanks in Angels & Demon's quite a good film, I have read all the books by Dan Brown they are all a good read. I must admit some disappointment in the film of the De Vinci Code but if you have not read the book you will enjoy the film.

In the evening watched the final part of Whitechappel a good series in my view, especially with Phil Davis in it, good actor. Whitechapel


An excellent night's sleep, bags held together.

Got some money out of the government, linked to me being registered disabled now, will come in handy.

District nurse visited and my wound is healing nicely.

Our Community Garden was again given the highest grade in class by the Royal Horticultural Society,

Not a lot else happened.


Another nights good rest.

Nice weather outside, Norma will be home early.

Today we are looking at clothes (or Lack of them) that I have available to wear. Currently I live in Track Suits.

Counting down the days to our break away.

Today we have been informed that we have had a sculptured wooden deer donated to our communal garden area by the metro link people. We think this is a thank you for putting up with the work on the extension line that is being done, close to our street. Lets hope the tram stops on the tracks not like and up and coming episode of Coronation Street.

Wow, I have clothes that fit, new cardigan bought, modern style.


Up early for no reason but I feel tired must read my book and fall asleep. The book that I am reading is Atlantis by David Gibbins, quite heavy at the moment, lots of facts and reference.

Again a quite uneventful day I did manage the stairs to bed very well though.


Another late start to my day, sleeping allot lately, maybe the break we are taking will give me a bit of get up and go.

Norma's last day at work today for a week and a bit, so she is very up beat, dress down day at her place of work.

We have now seen pictures of the carving donated to the garden, I have to say that the sculptures that one of our neighbours Paul has made but it is for free, or is it.

I have packed and charged the camera, binoculars and Tom Tom.

Speaking to Norma last night, we were saying how good the break will be, meeting up with everyone in Carlisle for Betsy's Christening. Then on to The Lakes staying over in Grasmere, where my Sister and Brother in Law will be joining us. We see this break as part of my recuperation I have not had a social time for a while.

This if there is no wi-fi connection in the lakes, this will be my last entry for a while but on return I will download some pictures.

Norma is tired ,she looks after me like I believe no one else could, she goes to work after tending to me then as soon as she comes back home starts over again, one in a million. I am more independent than I was but still not 100%. Soon though, Soon.

Don't forget that this weekend see's that the clock's go back and that it is Hop-Tuu-Naa (haloween to the non Manx)

See and listen to the battle between the moots (Manx turnip) and the pumpkins.

Traa dy liooar

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