Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tuesday the 12th of October 2010

A good Friend (Erik) made contact via Facebook last night on the chat application, sorry Erik I did not get back later as I was a little off colour after dinner, Erik travels a lot, he is a quiet Dutch man but a good man.

Last night Outside of feeling a bit off colour mostly by pushing my intake of a wonderful dinner, Norma and I watched a second series of the crime drama Whitechapel , featuring a fine actor in Phil Davis. A very enjoyable programme. Norma likes her soaps, which means I can read or play on the PC. LOL.

Today, we are having a hard time getting the bags on my stomach to adhere, this can be upsetting, at times I wonder if I will ever get a near normal life back, when a bag comes away you have to catch it quick, otherwise it leak's everywhere, clothes, bedding etc. All need changed and cleaned, runs you down a bit I must admit.

I have visitors and plans to go out today. The District Nurse to change my dressings and a visit with my Sister and Brother in Law, providing all goes well may even get out for a drive and a meal.

We have a railway viaduct at the bottom of our street, this is being upgraded to carry the Metro Trams to Rochdale and Oldham, we have had some inconvenience but nothing major. The site was closed down for a while due to Bats who had homes under the arches. The bats were moved for a short time while special bat bricks were inserted into the arches. We have a number of wild creatures in our area, screws, bats, foxes, owls,ducks etc. Not bad for a City centre location.

Have to go and get the clothes was out of the machine, shows I am getting stronger, OH! I slept in the master bedroom last night, up 4 lots of stairs.

Traa dy liooar

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