Thursday, 14 October 2010

Last two days and this morning.


My Sister and Brother in Lay arrived around Lunch time, we caught up on all the Family news. My Sister had met a lot of them on Friday and Saturday at her parties, a lot of fun was had by all.

In the afternoon we drove up to Manchester Fort and had a bite to eat in Subway, followed by a drive up to Heaton Park garden centre. Later after a rest we all met up, Norma had joined us for a meal in a Beefeater near my relatives hotel.


Out again with  L & G *(Sister and Brother in Law).  Morning was spent going to the Arndale in Manchester City Centre, we had breakfast at Rowntree's Cafe, a favourite of us all. I had fried egg on toast with a mug of tea it was great, I then met up with Mr D from work we had a nice chat.

Norma and I then attended a clinic at the hospital with my consultants team, met up with my new registrar who said all was going well, gave a bit of blood.

In the evening we met up again with L&G and had a great Indian meal at Mr. Ali's on the Middleton Road, near Heaton Park, I recomend if you are in the area to pay it a visit.
Mr Ali's 


Woke up late, after a good nights sleep, just lazing around writing this Blog.

Traa dy liooar

* I do at all times try not to give names, for reasons of security, such as being away from home.

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