Thursday, 21 October 2010


Well time fly's when you become active. I will start with my own personal health.

Wednesday saw Norma and I go into Town, we walked around the Arndale Centre and stopped of at Druckers for pots of tea.Druckers I made a few calls to friends and generaly had a good time, Norma nipped and did a bit of shopping, one item bought is a new telescopic walking stick.

We had a nice Dinner of nibbles bought from Gabbotts Farm Shop, great taste's.Gabbotts Farm Shop

Norma and I are organising a short break late this month. Norma needs a break and I need purpose to my life, something to get excited about. We are travelling up to Carlisle for a Family Christening then traveling back we will stop off in the Lake District staying in The Swan Hotel, Grasmere. The Swan Hotel Grasmere

We finally have our BT  Land Line back.

Traa dy liooar

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SIOBHAN said...

Nice to see you making plans Adrian