Sunday, 24 October 2010

Irene passed a year ago today

Irene and I discovered we had cancer about the same time. Irene my Sister in Law from my first marriage. Irene was a Great Lady, she left behind her 4 great Sons. We will never forget you. XXX

I was diagnosed with cancer in late May 2009 but was ill for about 6 months before seeing a doctor. I promised Irene I would fight the fight and I will.

My health this week is a bit up and down. We think I have had a stomach upset that is doing the rounds. Hopefully I am now past the worst.

We are looking forward to next weekend seeing Family and Friends in Carlise then a visit to the Lake District, My Sister and Brother in Law and possibly Niece and Family will be around late in the week, looking forward to seeing all.

Today I am going to get a wardrobe of clothes that fit put together, my waist has been as high as 35 and as low as 30 I am about a 32 to 34 at the moment. Shirts tend to be to big as well. Never mind.

F1. Red Bull out of it today, Alonso won with Lewis second, Button 12th not bad, good mix.
Rangers v Celtic in Scotland, come on Rangers.
Stoke v Manchester United, lets hope United get back to winning ways.

Norma is great, she is one in a million.

Traa dy liooar.

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