Monday, 18 October 2010

Last few days.

My batteries needed re-charged over the last couple of days, the weather outside id such that it is not fitting to go into the garden.

I am very pleased with myself managing the stairs as and when required.

Our home land line is still out of action, as is most of the area, come on BT pull your finger out.

My visitors travelled home safely, they now have two weeks with their Grandson, Great little lad.

I am keeping busy at the moment, sorting photographs to scan, once I can get the scanner to work,I have one picture that is about 2 inches square, of my old primary school class, this needs enlarging. I am bad with names and faces at the moment and will be calling on individuals to bring up some names. 11 pupils in the class photo, an easily managed class, I think it was Miss Peddar's class, what a wonderful teacher and human being she was.

To keep me occupied I am also adding more details to my Family Tree on Genes Reunited. Thank you those who have provided valuable information.

We have been storing some belongings for a good friend who moved from Manchester to Paris and I am at this time waiting for them to be picked up.

I am glad that Liverpool FC was taken over, mixed feelings about their derby match that Everton won 2-0. As for Manchester United, how they could throw a two goal lead away. F1 back this week, should be a good race.

Traa dy liooar

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