Thursday, 7 October 2010

It get's better by the day.................................:o)

Confidence,  that is what I am building in my own mind.

  • Confidence, to walk.
  • Confidence, to climb stairs.(I still need Norma to watch me)
  • Confidence, to go outside on my own, walking.
  • Confidence, to stand and get undressed & dressed.
  • Confidence, to change dressings and bags.
  • Confidence, to climb into the shower. (I still need Norma to watch me)
This will build in time in a lot of cases, safety is a major element, I am doing nothing to put myself into a dangerous area.

It is just over a week now, that I have been home. Progress is slow but sure, my first day on my own had me passing out twice in the bathroom, once to the floor after which I had to drag myself to my feet, the second time a few minutes later while I was sat on a perching stool recovering. Yes I was scared but I got through it. Later that morning I called and informed Norma and my Sister just to talk to them. I now look back at this episode with pride that I overcame the challenge.

Wednesday, was a bit of a quiet day, some deliveries of bags etc, it was bright but cold & windy so I did not venture out. Norma is tired and had a couple of naps during the evening I only mention this as it is unusual for her, I think a couple of lay in's over the weekend and a bit of pampering soon.

My Brother in Law and Sister are over soon and we are planning a few trips / meals, I am looking forward to these.  

Slaynt vie, bea veayn, beeal fliugh as baase ayns Mannin.

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