Wednesday, 6 October 2010



Norma and I had a number of issues getting my bags stuck to my ever expanding stomach, this was upsetting to us both and very frustrating at times.

My District Nurse arrived at Lunch time and changed my dressings, all looking good.

I did not get outside for a walk but got around the house a bit.

R.I.P. Sir Norman, you did a lot more that will not be news worthy, a very chartable man who's fun & friendship will be sadly missed by all.


Had a long sleep did not wake up until 11-15 am. Must have needed it.

Watching the Commonwealth Games on TV , waiting for the Isle of Man to show.

At this time I an hoping that I may get out with Norma and may meet up with a Mate for a cup of tea in Manchester City Centre. Norma is at Lunch first with the girl's to celebrate her birthday also another girls birthday so unsure at this time if I will get out.

I see another group of Americans (Boston Red Sox owners) have their eye's on Liverpool FC, I am a Manchester United follower and am not happy with our owners so I feel for the Liverpool fans.

Traa dy looar

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