Friday, 8 October 2010

Happy Birthday Lynn

Today see's an special Birthday for my Sister Lynn, Lynn is having a couple of parties  to celebrate. Enjoy, I am just sorry I cannot attend.

My health, continues to improve, my weight is now up-to 9st 4lb. this is from around 8st 5lb, so I am putting on a bit of weight, along way from the 14st I was 6 months ago. One issue is that the bag's are not sticking to my skin, this is annoying. Stoma nurse called Thursday, District Nurse just left after changing my dressings.

The weather outside is good for the time of year and I hope to take advantage of this later this afternoon. Sitting out with neighbours putting the world to rights, we have some good neighbours.

Looking forward to the weekend, I am happy that Norma will be able to spend some quality time together. Hopefully we may get out a bit.

Slaynt vie, bea veayn, beeal fliugh as baase ayns Mannin.

(Good health, a long life, a wet mouth, and death in Mann)

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