Monday, 8 February 2010

Up-date and waiting, new blood.

Today, I have had the stitches out that means my Hickman line is now out and my chest is on the mend, I had the line in for about 6 months, 10 chemo treatments.

Thursday, I have an appointment with my Cancer Consultant, I had a PET scan last Monday and this should enable all my Cancer Team to work our the next step. When it comes down to it I will either be operated on or given a rest then more chemo to stall the tumours, possibly shrinking them a bit more.

A very nice Gentleman from my Lodge, announced that he has Cancer last week, I think that only good people get Cancer and this Gentleman is one of the finest people I have ever met, he will get better, he better had, otherwise I will kick his but. LOL :O)

I have changed my place of work, from Manchester City Centre, to a building near Bury. Funny how things go round, my Father and his Brothers and Sisters, my Grandparents on my Fathers side and Great Grandparents lived, were born, worked in Bury. now the Howarth name returns to work in Bury once more, full circle in around 100 years.

my Stepson Ed and his Lady Debbie, have a little girl called Lilly, weighing in at 7lb 6oz, I have never seen eddie so Happy in my life, well done Lad :O)

I enjoyed my weekend, the Rugby was very good, Manchester United did well.

It was a while from my last update, I am finding it hard to type for long periods due to having numb hands, my feet are also numb but I do not type with my toe's. LOL The numbness will get worse before it gets better but all in all, I know I am lucky and will cheer up soon, Norma is a star for putting up with me.

Traa dy liooar, yessir.

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