Thursday, 28 January 2010

Todays update........

Today, visited The Christie, had my bloods taken all OK but I am now off the chemo for some time.

I have a small operation on Monday to have my Hickman line removed, after that I will be having a PET scan, this leaves me a bit radioactive and a danger to pregnant women. I intend to go to work before my opp and afterwards if allowed.

My consultant was very good, we had a good chat;

My Lymph nodes seem to be the main issue, they have been killed off by the chemo, leaving a sort of chalky residue, this area is not easy to operate on and is the third area of concern.

My Liver is operable, as is my colon the only thing holding operation cure is the possibility of my lymph nodes being active.

Operations if not possible, do not mean the end. Today it became clear that I would just have to have more chemo to hold the tumours back and reduce the possibility of the cancer spreading, this would mean regular scans and changing the chemo from time to time.

I must admit I do not like the idea of operations and against other people would prefer the chemo. I am aware of the side effect of which there are many but I am scared of the operations, I would go through with them if I was advised though.

My hands and feet are quite numb and feel continually frozen, this we discussed today and it may take a year for this to wear off.

We have been encouraged to set goals. A trip to the theatre, holidays both short and long but advised to stay in the Euro zone, this means no costly insurance and use our E111 cards in case I become ill.

Bottom line is that I have a good chance of being around for a while longer. Yes I am still ill, Yes I am still living with Terminal Cancer, Yes I am registered Disabled. Will I ever be clear of Cancer, doubt it, But I am happy.

Good win for Manchester United last night, poor old City. LOL 4-1 :O)

Come on Andy in the tennis.

Remember, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so SMILE A MILE TODAY :O)

Traa dy liooar, yessir.

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