Saturday, 2 January 2010

Up- Date, New Year News!

Well what happened in 2009?

  • I started off not feeling well, started in October 2008, just thought it was a bug.
  • Had a holiday in Tunisia with Sheila who is Norma's Sister and Norma, got nagged at so much about being Ill I re-visited my GP.
  • GP sent me for test's confirmed cancer.
  • July test's ongoing.
  • August confirmed that outside of chemo there was nothing they could do, I had terminal cancer, I was dying. Put on a trialist chemo from the Derek Crowther Unit.
  • Loads of chemo.
December the 31st 2009, informed that due to my good responce and the reduction in the size of my tutours that Mr S. my Christie Consultant is happy to look a lot deeper into the chance of my operations, yes we are now talking operations.

  1. My Lung cancer is clear, that is if I ever had it, I did have double npnumonia  about 25 years ago and expect some scaring on my lungs that may look like hot spots.
  2. My primary colon cancer, has not been discussed, this may be as it has reduced signifiacanly.
  3. My Liver Cancer is now in an operatable state.
  4. My Lyph nodes cancer seem to be responding well.
  5. The cancer in my pelvis cancer is shrinking.
All in all I seem to be fighting the good fight and all the finger crossing, praying, and wishes that you all are sending are helping a lot. Thank you and please DO NOT STOP, DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

I am still doing a 40 hours + week at work and enjoying it, I meet good people and have a lot to keep me occupied.

The next decade, will be a tough but good one.....

Traa dy liooar.

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