Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas is upon us .......................

Well Christmas 2009 is almost upon us. This year Norma and I are travelling over to The Isle of Man to spend time with my Family and Friends, it has been over 16 years since I spent Christmas on the Island and around 40 years since I spent a whole Christmas with them, being in the Betting business, Boxing day like New Years day are some of the busiest on the racing calender, so Christmas was a couple of days before and just Christmas Day, this year will be different, party on. My Sister has us out and about, which is good.

Work has been very busy for me, loads of interesting stuff going on.

Health, I am feeling well in myself, get a bit dizzy at times and my fingers are slightly numb as are the soles of my feet but I cannot complain about that, a lot of people get side effects a lot worse than mine. Oh, my hair is thinning a little, I am not due my next chemo treatment until New Years eve but still have Hickman line, cleans, blood drained, and gunk put in so I do not clot etc.

Sport, were do I start, that cheat Shummacker, driving for Mercedes. BAH HUMBUG. Come on Button and Hamilton a GREAT PAIR.

United lost to FULHAM again, what happened there.

Enough. LOL.

Well I wish you all a Happy Festive Season, to you and yours.

Shee as boggey erriu.

Tradd dy liooar

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