Monday, 11 January 2010

Catch up brief

The snow in Manchester has been around now for what seems and age, it was OK for a few days now it is getting on my nerves.

My cancer journey appears to be stepping up a pace, I am worried about having operations. I have never had major surgery before and everyone tells me not to worry. My Nurse today I would say gave me the best advice and that was not to think about it. So this is my last thought about it. I will just cope.

Appointments due around my Cancer Treatment, this is so my Family know what and when;

28th January 2010. Meeting at the Christie with my lead consultant Mr S. This is being called as he is talking to all the Team looking after me, around 14 heads of. This Team covers both 'The Christie hospital' and North Manchester General Hospital, (NMGH). He will find out what each person who plans to operate on me wishes to do and when, he hopes.

1st of February 2010. PET scan. This is the most expencive part of my treatment to date and is the second time that I have had one of these scans before, they estimate that each scan cost's in the region of £25,000.00 a go so that will be £50K on two scans, that is without the Chemo, MRI, CT etc.

2nd of March 2010. Appointment at NMGH for pre-op, this I have been led to believe is just a general check up before my operations.

At this time I do not know how many operations I will recieve, they appear at this time to be focusing on my Liver, which confuses me as it is my secondry Cancer, my primary is my Colon Cancer. I have also been informed that I have signs of Cancer in my Pelvis area and I do not know how they operate on your pelvis.

Overall I think I am in a right mess but am sure everyone around me is going to do their best, especially those at 'The Christie'.

Traa dy liooar

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