Sunday, 24 January 2010

Move and waiting

I am moving my place of work for a while, from Manchester City Centre out to Ratcliffe near Bury. This is the main o2 site, in the area of Greater Manchester. I still work for the same company but my job role has changed a bit. A bit more responsibility.

The cancer inside me is not stopping me working hard, I do need time off for appointments with my Cancer Crew but my employers are great and very understanding, I was having a quick chat with the CEO of the Company and he asked how I was, you know sometimes that although he had not seen me for quite a few weeks, he is one of these people who do not miss the little things in life, his people's health for example, nice bloke. To say that I have a lot of people who really care, some of them are the most unlikely ones.

This week on Thursday I get to know what the bottom line so far is, I am not so much worried about what the result's are it is more what they have planned for me, fear of the unknown, in my case it is fear of the operations that I will be having, multiple operations on different area's of my body, I am someone who can take being stitched without an issue, over the years I have had stitches a number of times but this time it is Colon cut and pasted, Liver 50% removal, etc. etc.

My extended Family have had more children arrive, congratulations to the Carlise Clan for the New Arrival. A bit closer to home Norma's lad and his partner are waiting the arrival, the new arrival is nick named Tik Tak due to the fact that Ed asked Deb how big is the baby and Debs said about the size of a Tik Tak. Tik Tak MaClure LOL. :O)

Traa dy liooar, yessir :O) Smile a Mile :O)

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