Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sorry fo being late

Sorry for the late posting but I have been a bit busy with Hospital appointments etc. Still waiting on the results of the MRI scan that was ordered by my specialist's in the NMGH North Manchester general Hospital, 'the Christie' Hospital is not aware of the outcome either. 'The Christie' are OK about this as they want me to stay on the chemo till the full 12 sessions are over in late January 2010. I am also holding back on the Chemo that I was to recieve on Christmas Eve, this is being held over until New Years Eve, bring in the New Year with a bang or what.

I need a line flush on the 21st of December to keem me going while I am with my family on the Isle of Man over the Christmas. This the first full Christmas I have had off, with my Family in over 40 years.Yes we all would be working on Boxing day, one of the bigest days in racing when we had the Betting shops.

Work is good, being kept very busy in my New Roll which is more project based, that managing people. I am really enjoying the roll.

Norma has arranged Christmas, loads of toys for all the children, clothes and things for the oldies. lots of toys for me to give the children then take off them to play with. LOL :O)

I will try to make a posting before Christmas but if I miss it Nollick Ghennal to you all.

Traa dy liooar.

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